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Generic Modavigil Description:

Miracles in the world of pharmacology occur every day, and each new discovery is like a wonder. Many popular developments of pharmacologists are aimed to combat depression. Modavigil is the preparation of the new age that will help you to stay in good condition for more than 40 hours straight, while maintaining the high level of activity, good humor and great attention.

Consult your doctor before tacking any antinarcoleptic drug.

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Generic Modavigil Medication guide:

Modavigil belongs to the officially approved drugs. It is prescribed to patients suffering from narcolepsy, sleep disorders and other diseases. It is also prescribed during shortness of breath and a drastic reduction in the frequency and depth of breathing.

Modavigil is a stimulator of the new generation that is able to regulate the process of waking, without prejudice to sleep. This preparation is necessary for a modern lifestyle.

Modavigil improves memory, enhances the general perception, reflexes and cognitive abilities. It has a milder effect, unlike amphetamines, enabling to stay awake for a long time and easily fall asleep once the product's action is finished.

Modavigil is a new foreign psychostimulant, "the fighter" with sleep and fatigue. Provigil (one of the trade names of the drug Modavigil) is a psychostimulant, used to treat narcolepsy (uncontrollable attacks of deep sleep), fatigue and excessive sleepiness. The use of Modavigil as a stimulant has shown that it sets itself apart from amphetamines.

The World Anti-Doping Agency has added Modavigil to the list of denied because of its ability to substantially increase the stamina of organism and because of effects similar to the effects of amphetamine. In some countries, Modavigil was approved by the state regulators for the treatment of idiopathic hypersomnia (pathological daytime sleepiness).

A single dose (200 mg) of the preparation is recommended for the treatment of hypersomnia associated with narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea. Although there is evidence of clinical trials, according to which the double application (morning and at noon) by 200 mg is more effective. A one-time admission in the dose of 400 mg does not lead to a significant increase in efficiency compared to the 200 mg dosage. Sleepiness associated with shift work shifts can be treated with a single dose of Modavigil (200 mg). The preparation should be taken for 1 hour before the work shift, a good effect is also achieved by a single application of 300 mg.

In all cases, the daily dosage should not exceed 400 mg. Supplementation during the second half of the day is not recommended because Modafinil is slowly eliminated from the body (half-life is 12-15 hours) and can interfere with the normal night's sleep. In general, recommendations for dosing are from 100 to 400 mg/day, once or twice daily.

It is not surprising that the drug gained fame all over the world. Modavigil gained fame of shearing time drug as it allows people to stay alert and awake for more than 40 hours, keeping physical and mental strength, and having no effects of crapulence. It has no negative effects, common to other psychostimulants (caffeine, amphetamine), such as, for example, shaking hands. In the present pace of life psychostimulants are available to all people: students, workaholics and the lovers of night life.

Fast pace of life is impossible without the use of antinarcoleptics. This is evidenced by studies of Australian scientists. The experiments have shown that 17 hours of continuous drive or alcohol intake severely impair mental ability of people, 24 hours without sleep reduce all mental abilities of man twice.

Modavigil will let you to stay in good condition much longer. It is not surprising that the US military often uses this drug. Prolonged fighting requires the full mobilization of all soldiers. Scientists were looking for a way to save the good spirits of soldiers, while avoiding negative effects such as cognitive decline after the end of the drug. The medicine, which can improve a soldier's mental capacity, improves the efficiency of the entire platoon.

However, Modavigil has won recognition not only among the military. Among the population of America Modavigil becomes a substitute for coffee. This is natural, since twenty years ago caffeine was used to mobilize the U.S. Army. Caffeine has gained popularity and eventually entered into use.

Twenty years ago the usual dose of caffeine for the average American was 70mg per day, today this norm increased to 300mg per day. Coffee is the world's most popular drink because of high level of caffeine. Caffeine is also found in tea, cola, energy drinks and even chocolate.

However, caffeine causes the effect of addiction rapidly and the positive effect discernible at the beginning of admission, gradually disappear, and the person needs to drink coffee just to recover. Generic Modavigil 200mg does not have such effects and is convenient for continuous use with minimal impact on health.

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Generic Modavigil vs Brand drug

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Generic Modavigil is a wakefulness promoting medication, which in most cases prescribed for people, who suffer from excessive sleepiness during daytime. Usually this problem is associated with such sleep medical conditions as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder or sleep apnea. Narcolepsy is described by a sudden tendency falling asleep, which is difficult to resist. Usually this happens during normal working day hours. It can happen abruptly and unpredictably, very often in the most inappropriate time, which is unsafe for a person at this moment.

If you decide taking Modavigil, it will help you decreasing too much sleep during a day. If you suffer from SWSD and all other methods and therapies appeared to be unsuccessful or unsuitable, Modavigil can be prescribed to make you awake while having a work shift. It’s not known how the medication precisely works.

It’s only known that Modavigil works by affecting the central nervous system, changing particular chemicals in the brain. It’s different from other stimulants, which are also prescribed for promoting wakefulness. Sometimes doctors may prescribe the medicine to treat some other conditions, not connected with sleep problems. If you have any questions why Modavigil was indicated for you, ask your doctor about this.

Before taking Modavigil

Before you order Modavigil online, read the following information: You should not take the drug if:
- you have allergy to Modafinil or some other ingredients, mentioned in the leaflet. Allergy signs include: itching, skin rash, swollen face, tongue, lips, and breath shortness.

If you see the expiry date to have passed on the pack, do not take Modavigil. If you still hesitate and do not sure about the treatment with the medication, contact your doctor at once. If the package of Modavigil is torn or has some tampering, the tablet looks odd you’d better not take the medication as well.

Before starting Modavigil treatment, one should discuss the following issues with the doctor:
- age: under 18; over 65
- mental health problems
- heart problems
- you are pregnant
- you are taking hormonal contraceptives
- you are breastfeeding
- you are currently taking medications against depression
- you are taking sedatives
- you are taking brain stimulants
- kidney or liver problems
-high blood pressure 

If you have any from all above mentioned problems, certainly tell it to your doctor. Due to this he will be able accessing all the risks and benefits of taking Modavigil for your particular case. 

How To Take?

Once you buy Modavigil online, it’s important to learn all possible information how to take it to get the most of benefits from it. The medication should be taken the same way your doctor prescribed. He will tell the dose and how often you should take it. If you still hesitate or unsure concerning something, it’s better contacting him at once.

How Much To Take?

One tablet of Modavigil contains 100mg of modafinil. A prescribed dose would always depend on a personal response of a patient. If you suffer from narcolepsy, your dose would, probably, range from 200 mg to 400 mg. If you have SWSD, you would be recommended taking 200 mg. One should not take the drug in larger amount, than it was prescribed by the doctor.

When To Take?

If you have sleep apnea or narcolepsy, you can take Modavigil in two ways:
-1 dose in the morning
-2 doses in the morning and at midday (taking Modavigil later than midday is not good)

If you suffer from SWSD, you should take Modavigil tablet one hour before your work shift starts.


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