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Generic Modapro Description:

Modapro is commonly used in most countries for the treatment of narcolepsy (uncontrolled attacks of daytime sleepiness induced by somatic (neurological) disorders). Modapro was elaborated to lower the excessive daytime sleepiness. This preparation has no effect on cataplexy (sudden loss of muscle tone). Modapro inhibits the desire to sleep, increases the physical endurance, improves memory, sharpness of intellect and other parameters of mental activity. It is noteworthy that the pharmacological profile of the drug has nothing to do with amphetamines, methylphenidate (Ritalin).

Consult your doctor before tacking any antinarcoleptic drug.

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Generic Modapro Medication guide:

Modapro is a new medical preparation, psychostimulant, nootrop. This preparation can successfully treat narcolepsy, improving the mental intelligence of the person that applies it. Modapro can let you work for a long time (up to 24 hours) without reducing attention. This drug makes good affect on the brain centers, allowing a person to maintain clear mind and concentration. Modapro does not have such common side effect as drug dependence, blunting of emotions and excitement. Uniqueness of Modapro lies in its ability to act only when necessary, as well as in the absence of side effects (agitation, anxiety, insomnia or during crapulence), which is usually clearly shown during the reception of other "prescription stimulants".

Modapro is the latest nootropic drug that can be applied to almost all people, except those who suffer from mental disorders. The most common daily dosage of Modapro for adults is 200 mg in the morning. Modapro can also be used by several schemes depending on what effect you want:
– It is recommended to take 100 mg or 1 tablet formulation during the chronic fatigue, to relieve mental stress.
– It is recommended to take 1 tablet 100 mg 3 times a day (1 tablet every 8 hours) if you want to stay awake during the day.
– The dosage of Modapro can be increased to 200 mg at one time.

The effectiveness of the drug has been tested on people, which should observe the utmost concentration and must not fall asleep at the workplace. Among those people were pilots and soldiers. During the tests it was found that Modapro is a safe substance that does not act in any way on the nervous system of humans. The group of people on which the scientists conducted a study noted that they did not experience such side effects as drowsiness after drug withdrawal or drug addiction while taking the drug. In addition, patients experienced memory improvement, they memorized things they could not remember before taking the medication. Side effects are very rare and manifested a headache and nausea.

During the tests, pilots received the dose of Modapro every 5 hours. Scientists have noted that during the first 25 hours of the tests they observed a strongly increased ability, on the 33rd hour there was a slight decline. Overall, the results showed an increase in combat effectiveness of pilots on 60-100%. It was found that side effects were not observed during a single application of the drug.

Experimentally, Modaprol is also used in the treatment of the following diseases:
– Postanesthetic intoxication
– Depression
– Attention Deficit Disorder
– Alzheimer's disease
– Age-related memory impairment
– Idiopathic hypersomnia
– Jet lag
– Multiple sclerosis caused by fatigue

Today, Modapro is in great request among the representatives of many professions that require a long waking: firefighters, army, special forces, ambulance staff, doctors, police. Modapro is also used among truckers, taxi drivers and even programmers.

Although the safety of the drug is established, in some cases it may be the cause of serious complications. It should be applied with extreme caution in cardiovascular diseases. Modapro is contraindicated to children. Modapro is not addictive, almost does not cause euphoria, reduces peripheral stimulation of the nervous system and has little effect on blood pressure. The drug can be used to maintain clear thinking during prolonged lack of sleep. Modapro is prescribed with extreme caution during pregnancy and lactation. Possible side effects are: time periods of internal tension, excitement, aggressiveness, sleep disturbances, diarrhea, rarely - nausea, stomach pain, headache, AR on the skin.

You should not take Modapro to reduce the daytime sleepiness due to other conditions such as breathing disorders during sleep (sleep apnea) or lack of nighttime sleep. Overdose can cause excitement, agitation, increased heart rate and high blood pressure. You should immediately contact your doctor or ambulance, or the nearest poison center in case of overdose, even if you do not feel sick. During clinical trials it has been proved that this preparation has a very high security level.

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Generic Modapro vs Brand drug

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Modapro is known to be an Indian version of one of the most popular contemporary drugs - Modafinil. It’s manufactured by Cipla Company. Many believe it to be a generic version of Modafinil, but it’s not exactly so. It’s some kind of unpatented medication, which is mostly sold by off-shore drugstores. The effects of Generic Modapro are almost the same as Modafinil, but some users, who have tried both drugs have witnessed about some differences.

Smart Drug

Modapro belongs to one of the most effective smart drugs, available on today’s market. It’s often used for enhancing wakefulness, productivity, concentration and focus. Many people order Modapro online in order to prolong the number of hours they can work, without being tired and exhausted.  From the technical point of view, Modapro is a nootropic drug.

In spite of this, many consider it to be a wonderful lifestyle drug for such professions as executives, entrepreneurs and students. The last are one of the most frequent users of the drug, as it helps them staying concentrated, focused while working or cramming for the exams. The medication is produced in India, as this country has particular patent laws, which allows them producing medicines under patent anywhere. In spite of this, this version of Modafinil is a legal one, even though it’s not licensed or authorized by any original inventor.

Modapro vs Modafinil

Both drugs work by creating a real natural feeling of being alert and truly awake. The drug’s pharmacological profile is completely different from other popular stimulants, such as cocaine or Ritalin. Due to this you have less chances of getting jitteriness or any agitation, which is common with traditional stimulants.

The majority of users report the effects of Modapro to be cleaner and smoother, compared to other psychostimulants. It was reported that Modapro produces the same beneficial effects as its counterpart Modafinil. The drug increases focus, improves motivation and the will to fulfill a lot of things. Both drugs produce close to asparagus smell in the urine. It means that the same ingredients in both medications are excreted into the urine. Generally, Modapro has the same benefits and side effects as Modafinil.

How To Buy?

Nowadays you can easily buy Modapro online. There are so many online pharmacies, which make this process really very convenient, simple and cheap. Modafinil is an active ingredient in Modapro. It’s a prescription drug all over the world so importing or buying Modapro without any prescription is fully prohibited in those countries, which require Modafinil prescription.

Modapro Uses

Modapro reduces excessive sleepiness, which is a result of narcolepsy or some other sleep disorders. It’s also perfect for those people, who need staying awake during their working hours or those, who have working shifts, interfering their normal sleeping cycles.  It’s still unknown how the drug works by increasing the feeling o wakefulness. It’s believed to change brain chemicals, which are responsible for sleep and wake cycles. Modapro would not substitute you lack of sleep. The medication should not be given to children.

How To Use?

Before you start taking the medication, read all possible information about it. Ask your doctor for some additional details. The drug is taken by mouth with or without any meal. The recommended dose is one time per day. If you suffer from SWSD, take Modapro 1 hour before the work shift starts or follow your doctor’s instructions. The dosage may vary and it usually depends on your current health condition and sleep problems.


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