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Oct 10 / 2016

When to buy Provigil is the right decision

When to buy Provigil is the right decision When to buy Provigil is the right decision

Many people are excessively sleepy during the autumn and winter due to atmospheric pressure changes. You may think that only people who have narcolepsy or other wakefulness disorder should be affected yet there are a lot of people who are not diagnosed with any conditions but are excessively tired and sleepy. Most people fight sleepiness with caffeine thinking that it is the safest way to get an energy boost while it is not quite true. For example, caffeine is highly addictive. Try living a day without a couple of coffee cups and you will experience common withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, increased fatigue, attention deficit, and many others. You may think that it is your normal condition without coffee but it is not. Caffeine is a narcotic that teaches your brain to be awake and focused only when you consume caffeine. Over time, you need more and more coffee or other caffeine-containing medicines to stay wake and productive. We advise you to replace this commonly misused substance for Provigil, a medicine that was previously prescribed for narcolepsy only but now is widely used as a cognitive function enhancer even in healthy people. At our online pharmacy you can buy Provigil without a prescription and at a greatly lower price than your local pharmacies offer. Find out more about the drug and its purchase reading further.

What is Provigil?

Provigil is a brand name registered by a certain pharmaceutical company. All over the world, the same drug is manufactured and sold under different names but with an unchanged active substance which is Modafinil. The brand name Provigil is registered in the U.S. where all sold drugs are extremely overpriced. Therefore, if you want to buy Provigil cheaper, you should look for the same drug with a different name. Commonly, such drugs can be found under the term Generic Provigil. In order to be sure that you are buying the right drug, you can always check the active substance and dosage per pill which for the first time users should be 100 mg a day.

When can be the drug used?

Different countries have different laws regarding the medicine. In some countries, like for example in the U.S., the drug is allowed to be prescribed for only three conditions: narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. In other countries, the governments based on the clinical trials and vast research allow doctors to prescribe the drug for a variety of other conditions such as depression, excessive fatigue, Parkinson’s disease, reduction of cognitive function in brain injury, and many others.

According to the official press-releases of military forces of some countries, they use Provigil or other Modafinil-based medications to increase vigilance in officers who are deployed in zones with active conflicts. Obviously, the officers who take the medicines do not have any neurological conditions that could make them sleepy. According to multiple tests conducted to prove that the medicine is safe, doesn’t cause dependence, can be used in healthy individuals, and that even a prolonged off-label use of the drug cannot cause any severe side effects, the drug is even safer than daily consumption of caffeine. Therefore, if you want to buy Provigil to beat sleepiness even if you don’t suffer from any medical condition that can cause it, you can do so without any doubts if you have no contraindications for its use such as allergy to the main active substance or excipients (additional substances) or are not pregnant nor breastfeeding. However, if you have any chronic conditions it would be wise to consult your doctor first.


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