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Sep 20 / 2016

What is Modafinil 200 mg?

What Is Generic Modafinil 200 mg

Generic Modafinil 200 mg is the medication, which is used for improving wakefulness in people, who faced excessive sleepiness, which is connected with narcolepsy and other different sleep disorders. The medicine may also be prescribed for treating a certain condition according to your personal doctor’s advice. It is an agent, which promotes wakefulness. In fact, no one knows how the drug actually works. It’s believed it works by changing natural chemicals, which are also called neurotransmitters, in your brain.

Do Not Use If:

The medication should not be used in the following cases:
- you have an allergy to the medication or any of its ingredients
- in past while taking modafinil or armodafinil you developed a rash onto these medications
- you suffered or currently suffer from heart problems 

If any of the above mentioned cases have any relation to you, please contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Before Using Medication:

There are many health conditions, which may interact with the drug. Read carefully the following health problems and if you have any of them, certainly tell your doctor:

- you are pregnant or have plans to become a mom in the nearest future
- you are a breastfeeding mom
- you are currently taking other prescription or non medications, dietary supplement or herbal preparations
- liver problems
- kidney problems
- heart problems
- high blood pressure
- you suffered or currently suffer from some mental or mood medical issues
- you have had thoughts about suicide
- alcohol or drug dependence

How To Use?

One should use Modafinil the way his doctor prescribed. When you get the drug, check once more the label for more concrete dosing information and instructions. 

- the drug would always go with the patient sheet information, which is called Medication Guide. You should always read it carefully to make sure you are taking Modafinil in a right way. Each time you refill the medication, read the Medication Guide.

- the drug is taken by mouth with meal or not.

- if you suffer from work shift sleep disorder, it’s recommended taking Modafinil 1 hour before the working shift starts.

- if you have missed the dose, take it as soon as you remember. If you forget about it until late evening it’s better skipping it and waiting for the next scheduled dose. Taking 2 doses at the same time is not allowed. 

- if you still have any questions how to use medication, ask your doctor about it.

Important Safety Information

If you decide to order Modafinil, you should know the following facts:

- it may cause some dizziness. The effects may become worse, if you take it with alcohol or other medications. Modafinil should be always used with great caution. Driving and performing other unsafe activities while taking Modafinil is not recommended. This can be done only, when you find out your certain reaction onto the medication.

- drinking alcohol is banned during treatment with Modafinil

- you should never take more medications, than your doctor prescribed you

- you should also not make the doses more frequent, than the doctor prescribed you

- you should remember that the medicine will never cure your sleep problems and will never stop your constant sleepiness. You should also not change your everyday habits without consulting with the doctor. Each time you visit him, discuss your level of sleepiness. Following good advice concerning sleep habits will help you much together in combination with Modafinil.

- if you are taking birth control pills, know that Modafinil may not work effectively in this case. If you want preventing pregnancy during the treatment, it’s better using some other birth control methods, such as condoms. Use them during the treatment and even 1 month after it.

- it’s also recommended checking your blood pressure as often as possible

- the elderly people should use the medication with more caution, as they appear to be more sensitive to the drug

- the usage of the medication is not approved for little children. The drug can be also given to your child, if you doctor decide that benefits outweigh all the risks. If you doubt about giving the medication to your child, talk with you doctor about that.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

If you are taking Modafinil and get pregnant, call your doctor at once. You will discuss all the benefits and risks of taking the medication during this period. It’s still unknown if the medication gets into the breastfeeding milk. If you are currently breastfeeding, you should also contact your doctor and discuss this issue with him. 

Additional Information

There are so many people, who take the drug for a long time and then develop a great need of taking it further. Those, who take high doses of Modafinil, are of great risks of facing this situation. This process is known as addiction or dependence. If you decide about stopping the drug, you may suffer a number of withdrawal effects. The first among them is sleepiness. If you have any concern about it, consult your doctor.

Possible Side Effects:

If you decide to buy Modafinil, you should know about its possible side effects: rash, itching, stomach upset, runny nose, dizziness, diarrhea, troubles with sleeping, depression, irritability, anxiety.

Storage Information:

One should know how to store Modafinil in a right way. It should be kept at room temperature. Hide it away from any moist heat. It should be also kept away from direct sun rays.  Modafinil should be stored away from the reach of children and any other people at your home. The best would be if you have a separate locked box, which is available only for you.

General Safety Information:

- if you still have any questions about the drug, contact your doctor as soon as possible
- the drug can only be used by a person, whom it was prescribed
- one should not share it with other people, even with the same symptoms
- if you are taking Modafinil and your symptoms do not improve and become worse, you should call the doctor. He will also tell you how to dispose already used drug.  


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