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Oct 08 / 2016

What is Generic Armodafinil?

What Is Generic Armodafinil? What Is Generic Armodafinil?

General information

Sold on the market under the name Nuvigil, Generic Armodafinil is the sister drug to Generic Modafinil. They both have got similar functions and are used for treating sleeping issues. Yet Armodafinil is a newer drug – it has been launched on the market not so long ago comparing with Modafinil, in 2007, and since then it is being sold in various markets and internet-pharmacies all over the world. It is most likely to be found in India and Mexico, which produce generic drugs and are known as the main manufacturers of those products. This product is called an enantiopure drug – which means, the drug’s chemical structure is slightly altered.

The medication is widely used among the people who suffer from different types of sleeping disorders – such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, excessive daytime sleepiness, obstructive apnea syndrome and others. Some illnesses have been treated with the help of this drug off-label. For example, people who struggled with chronic fatique syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and depressive thoughts claimed that using this product was very helpful for them.

Except this, there was once a lot of debate on topic of schizophrenic people. Some said they would better not be given this drug; however it was practically proved that treating them with this kind of medication has significantly lowered symptoms of their disease. There were also some discussions about using the drug as a cure for jet lag, but the Food and Drug Administration of the United States did not approve of this.

Terms of use

Generic Armodafinil is most suitable for people who work full-time or attend studies and experience any kind of disturbance or disconnection in their sleeping cycle. For the most effective treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness and similar diseases this drug is perfect. This product comes in form of tablets. It should be mentioned that the dosing usually alternates between 150 mg and 250 mg, and the medication should be taken only once a day – a single dose is enough.

Also the timing depends on your disorder. If you are struggling with such disease as narcolepsy or obstructive apnea syndrome, then the best for you would be to take your tablet early in the morning. If your case is SWD (shift work sleep disorder), then you should take your medication approximately an hour before the start of your work shift. In some situations using this drug requires doctor’s consultation. For example there is such kind of disease as severe hepatic impairment, and the treatment will require reducing your dose.  If a pregnant woman decides to use this drug, she must make sure if nothing is threatening her future child. She has to get doctor’s advice and prescription for the drug.

However, most pregnant women are forbidden to use this medication because it often causes the unexpected end of pregnancy and other unwanted side effects. Speaking of side effects, they do not tend to happen very often, but usually they take place when the patient misuses their medication timing or dosing. Overusing the drug can be dangerous because its components make a strong influence on the organism, so the optimal dose that has to be taken once a day is 100 mg.

Doctors most often prescribe the patients 50-100 mg as a starting point, so people could avoid unwanted side effects. Some of them that occur most often in case of misusing are sudden dizziness, splashes of anxiety, mood swings, sickness, nausea, diarrhea, over-excitement, nervousness, a chance of bleeding or having bruises. You have to be careful: if you suddenly start to experience any of these symptoms, immediately get in touch with your doctor and describe your state in details. Some people can be forgetting how many pills they have taken one or other day, so the most drug users recommend making notes and keeping track of the amount of tablets which are left.

How to order Generic Armodafinil online

Most drug users these days tend to buy Generic Armodafinil online in the internet pharmacies, as well as the other drugs. They know that buying generic drugs means saving a big amount of money comparing to the brand name drugs. The quality of generic production really matches its price. Of course it is lower than you would pay for brand name Armodafinil, but generic product contains the same amount of pills and possesses absolutely the same chemical features. Of course this goes for official generic production, so you have to watch through the instruction and check the amount of pills once you got your parcel. Generic drugs have a very high record of safety; this means that side effects do not occur often.

But it is always recommended to get prescription from the doctor to avoid any kind of trouble. This medication had never been simple to get prescription for, because in order to be diagnosed with severe sleeping disorders you have to undergo a huge amount of medical tests and try other kinds of treatment. This is the reason why it would not be easy for average user to buy this drug. You can order your drug in many online pharmacies without prescription.

You can buy Generic Armodafinil online from such countries as India and Mexico – they have a lot of online pharmacies. Anyway, you have to be careful, because there are loads of pharmacies and not all of them obtain a high level of reliability – some can just send you a fake drug. That is why you have to do research before ordering the drug – a lot of users make up special lists of reliable sources which are safe to order from. You have to choose the pharmacy which is known for shipping their products safely to lots of clients, so choose wisely.


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