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Nov 08 / 2016

Want to be smarter – buy Nuvigil

Want to be smarter – buy Nuvigil Want to be smarter – buy Nuvigil

Even the smartest people have bad days when they cannot collect thoughts and concentrate. What do people usually do when they feel like their brain isn’t working at its full capacity? Most of them drink coffee. But coffee can only make you a bit more awake. It cannot make you more gathered or concentrated. On the contrary, coffee makes some people anxious and causes attention deficit. Still, many people knowing very little about more advanced wakefulness-promoting techniques consume coffee as the only substance to boost their productivity whilst such drugs as Nuvigil are much more effective and even safer.

What does Nuvigil do when you use it off-label?

People who buy Nuvigil for off-label use, i.e. when they do not have a condition for which the drug is designed, report that the medication is not only an amazing wakefulness-promoting agent that requires a single pill intake a day to stay fully awake and productive during 12 hours, but also makes them more flexible, easily focused, creative, productive, and improves memory.

The American FDA doesn’t approve the medication for the off-label use and does not accept the fact that the medication is not only a wakefulness-promoting agent but also a cognitive function enhancer. The agency justifies this decision and the decision on giving the medication the status of a prescription-only drug by the insufficient research and possible addiction potential of the drug. Nevertheless, the medication is widely used by NASA, military forces, and air traffic services namely off-label. The medication wouldn’t be used by such organizations if it wasn’t an effective smart drug.

Worth noting that in other countries you can buy Nuvigil without a prescription because there the medication is allowed to be used for numerous conditions and as a stimulant for people who are deprived of sleep.

How does the medication act?

Though there have been conducted multiple studies and tests of the medication, the researchers are still not sure what properties of the drug make people less sleepy. They suggest that the cause is in the release of chemical substances responsible for wakefulness associated by the pills intake. However, they do believe that there are also additional mechanisms. Worth noting though that Nuvigil doesn’t cause blood pressure increase and therefore cannot cause a heart attack which is possible in the excessive coffee intake.

How to use the medication?

If you want to buy Nuvigil online and use it as a smart drug, you can either start right away with the dosage prescribed for narcolepsy which is 250 mg a day or begin from a half of the dosage to see how it works for you.

The pills should be always taken in the first half of the day. Otherwise you can suffer from insomnia.

As any other medication, Nuvigil can cause side effects. The most common ones are noticed during the first weeks of intake while the patient gets used to the drug effect: insomnia, headache, excitability, and rash. These aren’t dangerous side effects but if they persist or even worsen over time, you should immediately stop the medication use and go to a doctor.

The dangerous side effects may occur if a person is allergic to one or several components of the drug. They include swelling, increased heartbeat, or severe rash. Obviously, if you have them, you need to stop using the pills immediately and seek urgent medical assistance.

How to buy Nuvigil?

Let’s start with the name of the drug. Nuvigil is a registered name that belongs to a certain company. In some countries you can find Nuvigil at regular drugstores, in others, the drug is unavailable but instead its generic versions are marketed. Generic medications are the same drugs simply made by other pharmaceutical companies.

In the U.S., both brand-name drugs and generics are quite expensive and are sold with a prescription. If you want to save and get the drug without Rx, you can buy Nuvigil online at our drugstore with the shipping to the U.S.


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