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Oct 25 / 2016

Treatment of fatigue syndrome with Modavigil

Treatment Of Fatigue Syndrome With Modavigil Treatment Of Fatigue Syndrome With Modavigil

What is this disease?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is known as a quite difficult disease, which is characterized by minimum half a hear of extreme fatigue, which isn’t relieved by any kind of rest, and one more group of additional symptoms, which are also constant for half a hear. Many people, who suffer from this fatigue syndrome, all sleep disorders begin suddenly and unexpectedly. They are often followed by an infection (like flu) or something like psychological or physical trauma or injury, like surgery, any traumatic accident or, for instance, the death of your close relative or friend.

In other cases, this disease develops quite gradually. This disease can last for many months or even years, and there is a very little likelihood, that you treat this disease quickly. Nowadays a big amount of people feel tired during a long period of time, that is why they ask for help from their pharmacists. Interesting fact: quite often people, who suffer from chronic (long-lasting) fatigue, don’t suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Much more common causes and reasons of appearance of this disease are depression and overwork.

What causes this disease?

The main and exact cause of this disease is still unknown. This disease can follow any other common infectious diseases and illnesses, like infectious mononucleosis or Lyme disease, but not all these cases can be tied to these infections. Researches found out, that people, who suffer from this disease, have the pituitary gland and some abnormalities in their brain (in the hypothalamus, which is known as part of human’s brain, which regulates vital functions and hormones).

Researches also found out, that patients have some abnormalities in the so called autonomic nervous system (it controls all necessary vital body functions, like rate of heart, blood pressure or temperature of human’s body). For example, when people, who suffer from this disease, are standing just for a while, they at once have an abnormally high rate of heart and an extremely low blood pressure. Many parts of the human’s immune system are still activated for unusually long periods of time in people, who suffer from this disease. Nowadays it becomes evidently, that some people, who suffer from this disease, have a special autoimmune condition. It’s all due to human’s immune system, which attacks particular tissues in human’s body.

Researches, dedicated to fatigue syndrome

Patients with this disease have some defects with an ability of cells in the bodies in order to make energy. Recent researches indicate that some genes in human’s body are built differently. Also it was found out, that the activity of these genes in the white blood cells isn’t the same in people, who suffer from this disease.

Numerous different experiments and tests of human’s brain and the human’s autonomic nervous system, showed some abnormalities, that weren’t found in healthy people, or in people, who have other conditions and problems, which can cause fatigue or a depression. The main part of the abnormalities of human’s immune system, his energy metabolism, and human’s nervous system usually come and go. Moreover, not all of these abnormalities are able to affect every person, who suffers from this disease.

Who can be attacked by this disease?

In the USA, federal health authorities found out, that this disease affects not bigger, than 8 people of every 1,000 US people older than 18 y.o. US women are usually affected twice as often as US men. This disease can attack people of any age, including teens and children, but most of all this disease is common in people from 25 to 45 y.o.

This condition can be found in people of any racial, ethnic and even economic backgrounds. More often it’s diagnosed in Latinos and African-Americans, also in people, who belong to lower socioeconomic groups. It’s diagnosed quite seldom in Asian-Americans. Researches from the U.S. CDC and some other researching groups found out, that the USA loses from $10 to $24 billion every year due to this disease, which causes reduced productivity and many medical expenses.


The most widespread and popular symptom of this disease is a feeling of fatigue, which isn’t relieved by any rest and which seems to be unexplained. This fatigue can be so much severe, that it may decrease a human’s activity at home/school/work by more than 50%. In addition, this diagnosis requires that person should have minimum four symptoms from the list below, which are present for no less than half a year:
- impaired concentration;
- short-term memory;
- sore throat;
- swollen glands;
- pain in muscles;
- headaches;
- bad sleep, after which you don’t feel refreshed;
- feeling sick after any strenuous activity;
- nausea;
- some allergies like fever.


To treat this disease people very often use Generic Modavigil, which helps them to overcome excessive sleepiness and tiredness, helps to treat diseases like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue syndrome and other diseases, caused by sleep disorder. This product increase and improve alertness, focus and of course energy.

It produces a stimulant effect on human’s brain. The main purpose, for which this medication's used, is the stimulation of human’s wakefulness. After using this medication people remember difficult information much better and work more effectively. This product is taken orally with or without food, in the morning or before the start of the working day. Follow your doctor’s prescription and take this product in the amounts he recommends.

Where is it possible to buy Generic Modavigil?

You may go to the drugstore as you maybe used to, or order Generic Modavigil online. The last variant is very convenient:
- when you have no time to go to the drugstore, you can buy this product online, it saves your time, money and energy;
- there are many online shops which sale this product, so you will have no problems to buy this product online quickly and cheap.


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