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Oct 03 / 2016

Treating disorders with Generic Modafinil

Treating Disorders With Generic Modafinil Treating Disorders With Generic Modafinil

Generic Modafinil is analeptical drug 

This medication was developed in the late 80s of the last century by the American pharmaceutical company Cephalon for the treatment of narcolepsy – a disorder that is characterized by excessive sleepiness. People who suffer from this illness can suddenly fall asleep while working, ironing, cooking or driving that cause quite a problem for them. This illness affects about 0.02 – 0.03 % of the population. Modafinil is used in about 20 countries.

The main objective of this class of drugs – to affect the medulla centers to stimulate the vital functions of respiration and circulation. In other words, modafinil invigorates. Modafinil, Adderall and Ritalin are prescribed most of all to patients who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder and narcolepsy, depression and Alzheimer's disease. But in the case of our medicine, it is often used as a cognitive enhancer.   In Finland, there is no license for Modafinil for sale, but Fimea issued a special permit for the treatment of narcolepsy using the drug in Finland.


The standard dose of the medication to treat narcolepsy is 200 milligrams in the morning. Modafinil increases level of histamine and affects the neurotransmitter system of the brain, improves the concentration. A similar effect should be familiar to those who suffer from allergies. In such cases antihistamines are prescribed which reduce histamine levels in the body. For this reason, this drug must not be prescribed to highly allergic individuals.

Some more facts

The product is often used by American students during the sessions, as well as people who want to improve their productivity. In the US, one can easy buy Modafinil 200mg in pharmacies online.  Scientists and doctors agree that the drug has no side effects. Psychiatrist James McGough from California University said that the overdosage of modafinil causes the same side effects as coffee – nervosity and abdominal pain.

Writer Mary Hyland described her impressions in the article on the pages of The Guardian. According to her, in the first week of use, she felt "happy and constantly in a good mood." However, she told that it was not because of the drug but because of placebo effect. Euphoric effect stopped after a month, but the concentration and the ability to work without a stop remained. Highland took 400 milligrams of the drug daily without any consequences, and believes that the medication did not make her smarter. But it made her more productive. Also Highland mentioned that she took medication for the past six months, and she noticed that the drug was more effective against multiple sclerosis, from which she suffers. She also said that the drug improved her cognitive skills and that was a nice bonus.

The daily dosage of 400 milligrams – this is too much. According to some drug portals, it is not necessary to exceed the boundary of one dose per day. Depending on the manufacturer, one dose is equal to 80 till 200 milligrams of active compound. To buy Modafinil in the United States is not a problem. There are many websites, which specialize on the sale of the drug in different forms and from different manufacturers. The cost of a daily dose is from $ 1 when you buy the drug for a year, up to $ 2 when you buy it for a month.

Scientists agree that the drug will become more popular in the future. Psychiatrist James McGough even suggests that employers will give preference to employees who take cognitive enhancers, thereby showing how important their work is. Any manager will want to get a kind of "Hulk" – the employee who can work 16 hours and it does not slow down the pace.


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