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Oct 08 / 2016

Treat sleeping issues with Generic Armodafinil

Treat Sleeping Issues With Generic Armodafinil Treat Sleeping Issues With Generic Armodafinil

Generic Armodafinil: features of the product

Generic Armodafinil, which is sold under the trade name Nuvigil, is a follow-up to the drug Modafinil. These products are usually called sister drugs, because they both are used to treat similar sleeping issues. However Armodafinil appeared on the market later – it was launched in 2007 and has been trading throughout the world since then. This drug is an enantiopure drug, which means it has a slightly changed chemical structure; therefore it makes the medication stronger and more effective in treating sleepiness.

The product is mostly used for curing those patients who suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness; they claim it is a perfect drug for these purposes, because it quickly reaches its highest concentration in human’s blood and the positive effect can be felt very soon. The medication is approved by FDA and apart from treating excessive daytime sleepiness which has already been mentioned, it also helps to conquer a lot of other diseases.

For example, it is very helpful in case of obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome, as well as shift work sleep disorder and narcoleptic diseases. This generic drug also treats some other similar occurrences off-label, such as chronic fatique syndrome, various types of depressions and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There have been scientific investigations which proved that this drug can be helpful for the patients who suffer from schizophrenia. Whilst using the medication on them, their number of negative symptoms consequently lowered. There have also been some speculations if this drug could be used to treat jet lag and similar syndromes; however the FDA disapproved of this. 

How to buy Generic Armodafinil online

Nowadays everyone can order Generic Armodafinil online from the internet pharmacies. It may save you a serious sum of money, as all the generic medications have price benefit comparing to their counterparts which are brand name drugs. Generic Armodafinil, known among the patients as Nuvigil, is popular within drug clients because of its price which matches the quality. Generic medicaments have to contain the same amount and dosing of ingredients as brand name ones. This means you have to watch carefully through the instruction in order to see if the drug contains the equal amount of tablets. This drug also has a high safety record and getting side effects from it is not very common, however to buy Generic Armodafinil online legally you need to possess the doctor’s prescription – this will help you to avoid any kind of problems.

You should know that it is not very easy to get prescription for this medication, as they are usually given to those people who have been diagnosed with serious sleeping disorders. That is why average drug user will experience difficulties in buying the product legally. On the websites of international pharmacies the drug can be bought in a legal way and shipped to your country. Some online pharmacies do not require the prescriptions from the customers.  In United States, customs confiscates the orders very rare if there is no proof of your prescription. There is no need to worry that your money will be lost without a chance to return them back as you can contact your online pharmacy and clarify this issue.

The main manufacturers of generic drugs are India and Mexico, however you should watch out. It is very important for your safety to order the drug at reliable internet pharmacies, so it is strongly recommended for you to look for reviews at the internet forums or to search for the list of the trustworthy sources – the medication users make up such lists in order to help people who are about to buy drugs online. 

Using the drug in everyday life

If you suffer from serious sleeping disorders and want to recover as soon as possible with strong effect, then you could try to start using this product for more effective treatment. The dosing of this medication can vary for every person individually, depending on your disease. For the patients who struggle with narcolepsy or OSA the most appropriate daily dose would be from 150 mg to 250 mg every day in the morning. However there are patients who suffer from shift work sleep disorder (SWD) and the timing for them is different.

They should take 150 mg approximately an hour before their shift starts. There is also a disease called severe hepatic impairment and for this case the dosing of medication has to be reduced. Pregnancy is a contraindication to using this drug; nevertheless it can be taken if there is no threat to the fetus. The pregnant woman should consult her doctor if she feels that there is inevitable need of treatment, and should be very careful, especially at earlier terms. 

Generic Armodafinil comes in a form of tablets. They should be taken orally once a day. Overdosing the drug or misusing it will obviously lead to side effects. Usually side effects do not occur often if you take your medicine regularly and without issues, but some people claim to experience headaches. Even so, these headaches are usually not severe. If you do not track your medication timing, or take more tablets than you should, then side effects are more likely to happen. Most commonly these are sudden splashes of anxiety, feeling dizzy, greater chance of getting bruises and bleeding, over-excitement.  In order to avoid unpleasant side effects, it is highly recommended for drug users to start with the lower dose of medicine. Doctors usually prescribe 50-100 mg of Armodafinil as a starting dose. 

Common usage

Generic Armodafinil is very similar in its effectiveness to Generic Modafinil, only it has a little stronger influence on human organism. People who struggle with issues connected with sleepiness usually compare these drugs and choose the most suitable one. Nevertheless, Armodafinil is really helpful and reliable, and it is noticed by most users. Even military workers have taken a huge liking for this product, because they have to endure long military and space missions, and it is important for them to stay alert and awake throughout their work hours.


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