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Oct 23 / 2016

Treat sleep disorders with Modavigil pills

Treat Sleep Disorders With Modavigil Pills Treat Sleep Disorders With Modavigil Pills

Medicine information about Modavigil for consumers

Recently there was made a population survey in which people answered on some questions about tablets of Generic Modavigil. Unfortunately, the results of this interview don’t contain all the information you need to know to make using of this medication safe for you. So be sure to consult with your pharmacist or doctor. All medications and drugs have some benefits and risks.

Your doctor should tell you about the risks of your taking of this medication and, of course, about the benefits, which you expect to receive from this product. If you are not sure about safe using of this medication, necessarily consult with your doctor or pharmacist. Be sure to do it in order to stay on the safe side and protect your health and life from any kind of danger. Don’t start self-treatment and try not to use this product without necessity. Below you can read a leaflet, dedicated to using of this product. Read it carefully and follow all rules and recommendations, which are described in this article. Maybe you will need to read it again.

What is this product used for?

Generally Modavigil is used to stimulate or improve human’s wakefulness. The main users of this medication are people, who suffer from excessive tiredness and sleepiness during the working day. It’s also used to treat some diseases, caused by sleep disorders, like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or sleep disorder, caused by shift work. These problems appear, when people study or work too much especially at night. This drug helps to overcome these problems, improves the work of your brain, helps it remember much difficult information, gives you more energy which helps you to work better and more effectively. Below you can read the description of the most difficult and widespread diseases, caused by sleep disorder. Generic Modavigil is used for their treatment.


If you suffer from narcolepsy, you can experience a sudden tendency to fall asleep during working day. Usually it happens unexpectedly, even when it can be unsafe for you or when it seems to be not appropriated. Due to using of this medication this unwanted excessive sleepiness during the working day extremely decreases.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

People, who suffer from this disease, may experience sleepiness during the working day, which can occur because of an interrupted sleep at night. Be careful and remember, that this medication treats only the symptoms of this sleepiness, but doesn’t treat the main cause of OSA. In addition to the use of this medication you should also take other products and treatments, which are intended to treat your underlying disease (e.g. continuous positive airway pressure). Necessarily consult with your pharmacist about using of all these treatments.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder

If you are diagnosed with this disease, but all recommended non-drug therapies aren’t suitable and successful for you, you can use this medication. It will help you to keep awake and alert during your working day.

The work of this medication

Nowadays the actions and work of this medication aren’t yet fully studied. But we can say for sure that this product have an affect on human’s brain (central nervous system). The main difference between this product and other stimulants is that this medication promotes human’s wakefulness: it increases wakefulness, making you more alert, focus and attentive. Some people use this medication for purposes not mentioned in the medication guide. But be careful! Self-treatment may harm your health. So before taking this product consult with your pharmacist. Sometimes it happens, that doctor really prescribes this medication for another purpose or reason. If you have any questions about safe using of this product, ask your doctor about them.

Precautions: avoid using this medication in some cases described below

Sometimes it would be better not to take this drug. Avoid taking this product if you:
- have an allergic reaction to Modafinil or other ingredients contained in this drug; list of these components you can read at the end of the leaflet in par. "Modavigil tablets description", the list of severe signs and other allergic reactions includes a skin rash, itching, swelling of your face/lips/tongue or shortness of your breath, fever, mouth sore;
- are pregnant, or plan it in future.

Don’t take this medication, if the packaging seems to you torn or shows any signs of tampering or if the tablets don’t look as right as they should be. Avoid taking this product if the expiry date, mentioned on the package of tablets has passed. Be careful to follow the rules and recommendations above. If you have any questions, contact with your pharmacist.

Prescriptions about safe using of this product

Before you start using this medication you should consult with your doctor and decide if you really need to take it. The treatment won’t be safe, if:
- your age is not between 18 and 65 y.o.;
- you have a bad history of problems, connected with mental health;
- you have some heart problems, like heart disease/disorder/attack, your heart rhythm is irregular and seems to you abnormal;
- you suffer from high blood pressure or alcohol/drug addiction;
- you use hormonal contraceptives;
- you are breastfeeding;
- you take other stimulants and medications for the treatment of depression, epilepsy, fungal infections, insomnia, astma etc.

Tell your pharmacist if you have anything from the list above before start taking this product. Your doctor should tell you about all benefits and risks of using Modavigil.

Where is it possible to buy this product?

Nowadays with the development of the Internet it's much easier to buy Generic Modavigil online rather than go to the nearest drugstore. Ordering of Generic Modavigil online has three big advantages. They are:
- you save your time;
- you don’t need to leave home or working place;
- you pay less because ordering of this medication online is cheaper than buy this product in the drugstore, as a result, you save your money.


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