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Oct 17 / 2016

Treat sleep disorders with Modafinil pills

Treat Sleep Disorders With Modafinil Pills Treat Sleep Disorders With Modafinil Pills

What disorders do Modafinil pills treat?

Generic Modafinil is a medication, which is used to:
- stimulate human’s wakefulness
- overcome excessive sleepiness and tiredness
- treat sleep disorder caused by spending too much time at work, and difficult diseases like narcolepsy and sleep apnea

This medication is a famous «smart drug», which improves performance of people during working on long and difficult tasks. This product has a special effect, which helps to enhance planning and decision-making skills. Sometimes this product is used to treat other illnesses and sicknesses, which are not mentioned in the medication guide. But be careful: don’t use this product, without your pharmacist’s recommendations. Before start self-treatment, consult with your doctor. 

According to your history of diseases, health, way of life and need your pharmacist should give you an instruction how to use this product. Don’t take Modafinil if using it can develop a rash; you have problems with your heart; you have an allergic reaction to any ingredients in this drug. This product is taken orally with food or without it before the beginning of the working day or in the morning. Try not to miss the dose and not to overdose.

Recent news 

«Attention! Sale, distribution and sharing with this product isn’t approved by law. This product is forbidden for people who are younger than 17 y.o.» Maybe all of us, who use this medication, read the medication guide, in which this information was mentioned. A few months ago, in May, it was published the research about treatment of mental health among teenagers. These researches showed that the number of children and teenagers from America, who were treated from mental diseases, was risen by more than 50% during the past twenty years.

It was published by the New England Journal of Medicine. Scientists from clinical psychiatry at Columbia University, situated in New York City, and its professor Dr. Mark Olfson quickly reacted to it and gave all necessary information about this problem. The most important statements from his research you can read below: Dr. Mark Olfson supposed that the main part of these children hadn’t got so serious symptoms, which necessarily should be treated by different antipsychotic drugs, stimulants, antidepressants and other medications.

He says that almost all these teens’ problems could be overcome by simple «talk therapy». On the other hand, when some children are overtreated, other ones, who really have quite severe symptoms, are not getting this treatment at all. It’s not normal. Also he gave some statistical data for the period from 1996 to 2012, according to which: - the number of teens from 6 to 17 y.o., who need treatment, rose from 9% to 13%; - the number of children, who were in treatment, rose from 2,7 million to 4,2 million of teens.

Interesting facts about this product

Generic Modafinil was approved by the «Food and Drug Administration». There is another product, which is quite similar to this one, but just a bit more powerful. It’s Armodanifil (also known as Nuvigil). The latest researches, which were made in 2014, show that using of this medication improves our thinking and ability to remember large amounts of information.

The scientists found out that Modafinil pills improved so called «executive function», an ability to learn only important information and work with it. It also helps people to pay attention to the details, which are difficult to learn, as a result, people start working more effectively.


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