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Oct 24 / 2016

Stay awake with Generic Armodafinil

Stay Awake With Generic Armodafinil Stay Awake With Generic Armodafinil

General characteristics

Generic Armodafinil is widely recognized as a medication that is applied for enhancing one's capabilities to stay wide awake for a certain period of time. In addition to this, it has also become widespread among people suffering from 3 severe sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and obstructive sleep apnea. These diseases are known by their ability to make patients fall asleep anytime and anywhere even at work. This medicine pertains to a famous drug class identified as Nootropics or « clever drugs».

This name is explained by their tasks to improve physical and mental abilities of people. Moreover, there is a thought that this preparation guarantees a better and long-lasting effect in contradistinction to other similar drugs related to one Nootropic class.Originally, Generic Armodafinl  was created to reinforce wakefulness in individual persons who experience daily sleep attacks. In particular, the popularity of this product has been expounded by the fact that it is able to make people be much more efficient and focalized.

It should be pointed out that the medication in some way contributes the altering of the brain perception concerning fatigue to human body. In other words it disciplines one's brain to provide its own innate mechanisms used for staying awake. One of the most important features of this drug is that it has no influence on one's regular sleep and does not provoke sleeplessness. Additionally, one may probably lose weight during the use of this preparation due to its ability for appetite reduction. It must be remembered that this drug is also known under several brand names such as Nuvigil, R-Modawake, Waklert, Neoresotyl, Artvigil, Armod, and Acronite. 

Potential contraindications

It is strongly advised to stop taking this medicine in case of having the following health problems: allergy to this preparation, heart disorders, kidney or liver disease, heart blood pressure, alcohol addiction or mental illness.

How should it be taken?

In order to use the medication properly one must strictly observe its instruction. Furthermore, it has been prohibited to share the drug with other people or change the amount of everyday dose. Generally speaking this medication is prescribed to be taken early in the morning before work with or without food. Obviously, it is represented in one dosage form namely a tablet consisting of 200 of this preparation. Certainly, the amount may range from 150 to 250 mg per day. Another key point touches the requirements of duration, permitted to the use of this drug. Thereupon, one must bear in mind that it is allowed to be taken not more that 12 weeks. 

A missed dose

When such happens, one should definitely skip that dose, await for the next one and take in accord with the schedule.

An overdose

In case of overdose one must immediately seek for medical help. The first thing to remember consists in results of overdosing which may include excitement, perplexity and sickness.

How to store this preparation?

As a matter of fact, it must be kept in a closed dark place with no reach of sun, moisture or heat far away from children and pets.

Possible side effects

As a rule, the use of medications causes the appearance of a number of adverse reactions which can exert influence on one's health. Therefore, this drug may lead to the following side reactions: rash, bleeding, depression, uneasiness, vertigo, vomiting, stomachache, dry mouth, problems with urination and headache. One must remember that if even one of the above adverse effects shows itself it is advised to seek for doctor's help.

Interactions with other drugs

In fact, this medication is known to be in interaction with more than 500 other preparations.

Its use by different groups of people

Pregnant women
In this case, the use of the medication is completely banned due to the fact that it may have a certain effect on the health of the fetus. Under those circumstances, it is allowed to be taken only when the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus.

Nursing women
Surely, this drug is fully contraindicated to breastfeeding women because of its likely ingress into the breast milk and in that way affecting on the baby.

Equally important to remember that younger patients are not advised to take this medicine. It is connected with the possible negative effect on their health status. Where one can buy this preparation? Generic Armodafinil is available to be ordered and bought in that kind of reliable sites well-known as online pharmacies. It can be explained by their easiness, simplicity and convenience.


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