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Oct 24 / 2016

Rules about right using of Generic Modavigil

Rules About Right Using Of Generic Modavigil Rules About Right Using Of Generic Modavigil

How to take this medication correctly?

It’s very important to take this product according to your doctor’s recommendations and prescriptions. According to your health and need your pharmacist should tell you an optimal amount of this medication you should take per day, frequency and duration of its taking. Follow your pharmacist’s recommendations and prescriptions. If you aren’t sure about anything connected with taking of this medication, necessarily consult with your doctor.

How much of this product should you take?

There are 100mg of Modafinil in one tablet of this product. The dosage of this product completely depends on your individual necessity.  For example, an average dose for people, who suffer from sleep disorders and diseases like narcolepsy or sleep apnea, is about 200-400 mg per day.  Every day during the treatment you should take something from the list below:
- two tablets of this product;
- more than two tablets, but no bigger than four tablets.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, it’s recommended to take 200 mg of this product per day. Whatever it was, before start treatment, necessarily consult with your pharmacist. He should tell you an optimal dose according to your health, way of life and necessity.

When and how is this product usually taken?

Generally this product’s taken orally with food or without it. It should be swallowed with not a big amount of water. If you suffer from diseases, caused by sleep disorder (associated with sleep apnea or narcolepsy), you should take your dose of this product either as two doses (the first dose – in the morning, the second one – at midday) or as one dose (usually it’s taken in the morning or before the start of the working day).

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea or narcolepsy, be careful not to take this product after midday, otherwise you can’t sleep normally at night. Taking this product after midday is possible, if you plan to work at night. If you suffer from shift work, caused by sleep apnea, take this product 1 hour before the beginning of the working day.

Attention! In the beginning of your treatment your daily dose shouldn’t be bigger than two tablets. Your pharmacist should tell you about it. 

In case you need a higher dose of this product, consult with your doctor. If you haven’t any allergic reactions or severe signs after using it, he can allow you to increase the dose. The increasing of dose should be gradual in order not to harm your health.

Attention! The highest daily dose is four tablets.

In case you treat narcolepsy and take other medications at this moment, ask your doctor’s advice. He can tell you, how to withdraw the previous treatment and start using Generic Modavigil safely and without any danger for your life. You should be aware of the fact, that after withdrawing from stimulants, treating the narcolepsy, you can feel different.  Be careful and remember, that this product treats only the symptoms of sleep disorder’s diseases, but doesn’t treat the main cause of them. Except using of this product, you should also take other products and treatments, which are intended to treat your underlying disease (e.g. continuous positive airway pressure). These treatments should be regular.

Attention! This product is only for you and for nobody else. This product should be given by your doctor special for you. Even if it seems to you, that other people have the same symptoms as yours, caused by sleep disorder, don’t give this product to them. Sharing, sale this product is forbidden by law.

What should you do if you miss the dose?

If something happens, that you forget to take the dose of this product, don’t worry. Continue taking of this product according to your schedule and don’t use an extra dose, which you missed.

Your actions during treatment

Using of this product isn’t as simple as it seems to be, so be careful with it. To make taking of this drug safe follow next recommendations:
1. If you unexpectedly become pregnant during the treatment, immediately stop using of this product and tell about it your pharmacist.
2. If during the treatment with this medication you decided to take an another one in addition to this, consult with your doctor and follow his advice.
3. Consult with your doctor about the increasing of the dose, if it seems to you, that the dose, which you take now, is not enough to receive the results you need.


If you use any oral contraceptives, be careful, because using of this product can reduce an effectiveness of these contraceptives. If you use both this medication and contraceptives at the same time, you’re recommended:
- to use an alternative method of birth control instead of this one;
- to use this contraceptive with the alternative one.

Don’t drive the car, if you still feel the influence of this product. Also avoid drinking alcohol during the treatment.

Side effects caused by using this product

Using this product for treatment has some side effects. Don’t worry and ask your doctor’s advice how to avoid these problems. It’s quite normal, so don’t be afraid if during taking this medication you notice:
- nausea;
- hives;
- dizziness;
- headache;
- swelling of the throat/face/tongue/lips;
- insomnia or any other sleep problems;
- difficulty breathing;
- dry mouth;
- runny nose;
- feeling anxious;
- trouble sleeping;
- back pain;
- upset stomach.

Where is it possible to buy this product?

The traditional way to buy drugs is to go to the nearest drugstore. But nowadays there is an alternative much simpler and more convenient way – to buy drugs online. So don’t waste time and money and order Generic Modavigil online.  Why is it so popular now?
1. Firstly, it’s much easier to be at home and buy Generic Modavigil online (especially if the weather is bad and you don’t want to leave house).
2. Secondly, if you order this product online, you will save some money. It’s not a secret that medications, which are bought online, are cheaper than medications, which are bought in the drugstore.


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