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Oct 24 / 2016

Role of Generic Modavigil in sport

Role of Generic Modavigil In Sport Role of Generic Modavigil In Sport

Generic Modavigil is a product, which consists of an active ingredient, known as Modafinil. In this article you can find out more information about this product, like side effects, some age restrictions, some food interactions and if this product is approved by the government  In order to save your health, don’t start the self-treatment with this product without any prescriptions and your pharmacist’s advice.

Necessarily read this product’s label. Stop taking of this product, if you noticed any severe signs or allergic reactions. Also if side effects, caused by using of this product, have a bad influence on your health, stop treatment and go to your pharmacist. If any new diseases or problems with your health appear, immediately call the ambulance.  Reasonable care was taken to provide some accurate information just at the time of the creation. Please, be careful and remember, that this information isn’t intended to replace your pharmacist’s advice, diagnosis or correct treatment and shouldn’t be relied on to diagnose your medical condition. 

Short medication guide 

So, as it was said before, the active ingredient in this product is Modafinil. The standard package of this product includes 10 tablets of this product, each one is 200 mg.  This product’s leaflet: should be obligatory found inside of this product’s package. It contains all necessary information about this product and the correct using of it. Whatever it was, before start treatment, read this leaflet.

What is this product used for?

This product:
- stimulates human’s wakefulness;
- makes people awake and alert;
- helps to overcome and avoid excessive sleepiness and tiredness;
- improves the work of your brain, makes it remember more difficult information and facts;
- gives you more energy which helps you to work better;
- improves your focus and attention;
- is used for treatment such difficult diseases like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, ADHD or SWSD and other diseases, connected with sleep disorder. 

Table of information about correct taking of this product

Self-treatment, as it was said before, not a good idea, so it’d be better to consult with your pharmacist. According to your health, history of illnesses and need, the doctor should tell you an ideal amount of this product you need. Also he should tell you the period when you should take this drug. Follow your doctor’s prescription and take this product in the amounts he recommends.

Generic Modavigil is taken orally with or without food, in the morning or before the start of the working day. You can take your daily dose one time in the morning or twice: in the morning and no longer than at midday. Taking of this product after the midday can cause some problems to your sleep at night. The maximum period of using of this product is about 12 weeks.  Missing the dose, overdosing or using this medication longer than the recommended period, can have a bad effect on your health. If this happens, call the ambulance or your doctor.

Is this product banned in sport or not?

Check out if you can take this product in playing sport. Due to very frequent changes at WADA you should regularly find out, if this product is approved to be taken in sport, especially at official sport competitions. 

Using of this product among young athletes

Recent researches show, that because of their parents’ pressure young male athletes start using of banned substances to improve their sports performance and results more often, than those, who avoid their parents’ pressure.

Attitudes on doping among young athletes

Scientists from the University of Kent, situated in England, asked approximately 130 young male athletes (their average age was 17), about their attitudes on question about doping (the use of some products, like steroids, stimulants or hormones, which are forbidden by WADA, in order to improve their athletic ability). These products are usually called as “performance-enhancing products”, are able to alter human’s body and increase human’s biological functions. But there is one serious disadvantage: using of these products can seriously harm your health. 

The research participants were additionally asked about aspects of perfectionism. These four areas were: self-striving for perfection; concerns about making mistakes, their parents’ pressure, and their coaches’ pressure. The results were next: only their parents’ pressure was connected with some positive feelings about start of using of doping among these young athletes. Researcher Daniel Madigan and other researchers, who took part in the interview, recommend parents of young sportsmen not to put so much pressure on their young athletes, because it can harm their health (especially psychological health) and even lives.

"The problem of parents’ pressure on their children, who play any kinds of sport, is widely known nowadays among referees and some sporting bodies, who are highlighting these difficulties and they try to make steps to prevent it," said Mr. Madigan in his latest release. Madigan added: "With the increasing of such “tiger” parenting, where parents, who are too much demanding to their children, push them to high levels of sports achievement. This research was dedicated to the subject, where young athletes should choose the price they should pay to meet expectations of their parents."

Where could you buy Generic Modavigil?

Of course the traditional way to buy medications is to go to the nearest drugstore. But nowadays there is another much simpler and more convenient way – to buy drugs online. So don’t waste time and money and order Generic Modavigil online. Why is it so popular now? Firstly, it’s much easier to be at home and buy this product online (especially if the weather is bad and you don’t want to leave house). Secondly, if you order this product online, you will save some money. It’s a common knowledge that medications, which are bought online, are cheaper than medications, which are bought in the drugstore.


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