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Oct 24 / 2016

Reviews on using Generic Modavigil

Reviews On Using Generic Modavigil Reviews On Using Generic Modavigil

Generic Modavigil is a famous product, which stimulates human’s wakefulness and treats different diseases, caused by sleep disorders. The active element of this product is Modafinil. The information, which you will read below, isn’t an official one. It can be helpful for someone, who is intended to start using of this medication, but it doesn’t endorse this product and it isn’t a recommended therapy or something like this.

Whatever it was, necessarily consult with your pharmacist and follow all his prescriptions and recommendations to make this treatment as much as possible. Below you can see reviews of users of this product (positive and negative). Some of them were treating fatigue, others – narcolepsy, ADHD, sleep disorder, caused by shift work, or hypersomnia. After reading this article, don’t make any conclusions, because this product can cause a completely different effect even on people, who have the same symptoms. Before start treatment, ask your pharmacist’s advice about the necessity of using of this medication.

For fatigue

“I find this product much more effective and powerful than caffeine although in the beginning the effects seemed to disappear after 8 hours or something like this. The big advantage of using of this product is a quite little amount of side effects especially in comparison with other products, stimulating human’s wakefulness, like ritalin or phentermine. I work in a creative field, and I can say for sure that people, who have any troubles with brainstorming and should work on difficult projects for days and weeks without rest, are strongly recommended to take this product on a regular basis.

I always order Generic Modavigil online and I can say that it’s quite convenient and cheaper than buying of this product at the drugstore.” "In the beginning I started to use this product, expected that it would help me to focus and concentrate on my studies at the university and finish all my projects and works in time. The results were unbelievable: I didn’t do everything in time. I did it much earlier than it was need, so I had enough extra time to start my own startup, which is blossoming nowadays.

Now I continue to use this medication to overcome fatigue, caused by jet lag as nowadays I fly to Europe very often for conferences, some investor meetings, and for vacation with my family. I can say, that not only my awake hours are much more effective (by the way, it improves my health as well), but the effect after using of this product lasts much longer." "This product completely changed all my life. I strongly believe that this product helps me in treatment of my chronic pain as well.

Before I started using of this drug, I had suffered from horrible fatigue. But this medication made me get out of my bed and gave me a motivation. It’s a God’s blessing!" "I've been taking this product for one year or more and I received everything I expected. It gave me enough energy to work hard and I still continue to drink this product with my morning coffee in order to get the maximal effect from the using of it. Since the age of 18 I had ms, and nowadays after 14 years I suffer from excessive tiredness and sleepiness, but, thanks God, this product helps me to overcome it. It’s an excellent medication for those, who suffer from excessive tiredness, caused by a quite difficult schedule, and for those, who can’t stay awake, when it’s needed. "

For sleep disorder caused by shift work

"This product worked for me quite well until this manufacturer appeared. I don’t receive any benefit from using of this version of this product. I always want to fall asleep during the working day and in any other places. I want to say, that this product should be more effective in order to provide my own safety and the others’ safety. ie...falling asleep during the driving."


"This product didn’t give me any relief from my sleepiness during the working day and I have a few side effects, like headache and nauseous feeling during the day. I stopped using of this product and tried to start living with narcolepsy without any treatment, but, unfortunately, it caused only more problems for me and my health." "This product isn’t the same for everyone. What about me, I may begin to feel, that it starts working in 30-45 minutes or so.

I use it in the morning, when I get out of my bed (on an empty stomach). I have a breakfast only after I get dressed, that is why by the time I do it I usually feel that I’ve already received some caffeine boost, which will last for 8 or 10 hours. Sometimes I have problems with my waking up. In these cases I take this product and have a small nap about 15 minutes long. In 15 minutes I wake up and feel, that my head is completely clear, I’m almost refreshed and ready to work hard all day long."

For Hypersomnia

"I suffer from hypersomnia. As a rule I fall asleep well and quickly, but I wake up quite often throughout the night, as a result, I feel an excessive tiredness and sleepiness during the working day. I have an excellent so called "sleep hygiene" and follow my sleep schedule (go to the bed and wake up at the same time every day), drink enough caffeine an optimal amount of water. I work as a nurse and study at the university. I’m also a single mother and have two children. I was interested in this product because I wanted to become more efficient and have enough energy to work and study. I haven’t problems with reading, but it was still difficult for me to remember a big amount of information. I was also falling asleep while I had meetings. This product helped me to keep focus and attention without any stimulant effects." 


"I am former cocaine addicted. I struggled with my low mood and some cravings, when I stopped using of it. My pharmacist said, that cocaine increases dopamine, so now I suffer from the lack of it. He recommended me to start using of this medication. It can increase the level of dopamine without any dangerous effects, caused by cocaine. Nowadays I take 200mg of this product twice a day and I feel excellent."


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