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Oct 26 / 2016

Provigil Drug Description

Provigil Drug Description Provigil Drug Description

Provigil is known to be one of the most effective and popular wakefulness-promoting medications, available these days. Modafinil is known to be its racemic compound. It’s white or off-white crystalline powder, which is almost not soluble in the water. Generic Provigil tablet may contain 100mg or 200mg of active Modafinil.

What Are Possible Side Effects?

If you have any of the following side effects, you should certainly get the emergency help:
- hives
- difficulties with breathing
- swollen face
- swollen lips
- swollen throat
- swollen tongue 


Before you buy Provigil online, you should know all possible precautions concerning the medication: Before you start the therapy with the drug, you’d better tell your doctor about all possible allergies, which have bothered you or still bother, including that on armodafinil and modafinil. The medication contains some inactive ingredients, able causing allergies and many other complications. Talk with the pharmacist to find out some more details. You should certainly mention the doctor about this:

- heart problems
- High blood pressure
- problems with liver
- mania
- history of alcohol or drug abuse (including family members) 

The initial indication of Provigil is improving wakefulness in grown up people, which suffer from sleeping disorders, which are associated with OSA, narcolepsy and SWSD.

Usage Limitations

If you suffer from OSA, you doctor may decide prescribing you Provigil for treating excessive sleepiness, bit not to cure the whole obstruction. 

How To Take?

This medicine should be taken in the same way your doctor indicated you. Always stick to all his directions and recommendations. Taking the drug in smaller or larger doses is not recommended. It is known to be a habit-forming medication, so you should never share it with other people, even though, they appear to have the same symptoms, especially those, who have had a history of drug or alcohol abuse. Try keeping Provigil in a safe place, which is accessible only for you.

It’s illegal selling or giving it to others.  If you want avoiding sleepiness during daytime, it’s better taking Provigil in the very morning. If you have SWSD, take it 1 hour before the work shift starts. It’s better reading all possible information about the drug, before you start the treatment. The tablet can be taken with or without any food. Treatment period with Provigil should not be longer than 12 weeks. If you have OSA, your doctor may prescribe the drug together with CPAP machine.

Do not stop using it, until you discuss the issue with the doctor. This combination may be even necessary for your particular health condition. If you continue experiencing too much sleepiness while taking the medication, certainly call your doctor. You should also remember that the medication will never substitute you good sleeping habits. The drug should be stored at room temperature and hidden from any possible heat and moist. Always pay attention to the amount of medication you leave in the bottle. This medication is a drug of abuse, so you should be always sure that no one takes it without a prescription.

Dosing Information

If you suffer from narcolepsy, you should be recommended taking 200 mg of the medication orally in the very morning.  If you have OSA, you would be also prescribed taking 200 mg of the drug in the very morning.  In case with sleep work shift disorder, take the medication 1 hour before your work shift starts.

Important Safety Information

When you order Provigil online, you should understand that it’s quite a strong medication, which requires a lot of attention from you. If you miss taking a pill of Provigil, you should certainly call your doctor and ask him what to do. If it’s already bedtime, it’s better skipping a missed dose and return to the treatment schedule with the next dose in the morning.  

If you overdose and experience some allergy side effects, you’d better get the emergency help. You should also know that the drug is able affecting your reactions and even thinking, that’s why you must be really careful while driving or performing some other dangerous activities, which require from you being alert and brisk.  Avoid all these activities, until you find out what effects the medication has on your organism. You should also avoid drinking alcoholic drinks while being treated with Provigil.


The drug is not suggested during the period of pregnancy. Your doctor may only indicate it to you, if the benefits of it outweigh all the disadvantages. The medication is also not recommended during the period of breastfeeding. Your doctor will also tell you about pregnancy registry, created for all those women, who got pregnant during the treatment with Provigil.


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