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Oct 13 / 2016

Provigil online buy without prescription

Provigil online buy without prescription Provigil online buy without prescription

If previously mostly people who wanted to buy drugs without prescriptions opted for Provigil online buy, nowadays even people who have a prescription prefer to purchase the drug from online drugstores. The reason behind it is the incredible price gap between the drugs sold at domestic U.S. pharmacies and online drugstores situated in other countries. For example, the brand-name medication sold in America is sold for around 600 dollars while online you can buy the same amount of the same quality generic medication for only 80 dollars.

If you have a prescription for Provigil or other Modafinil-based drug from your doctor for a month, after you use all the pills, you will have to go to your doctor for a prescription renewal. If you want to avoid this unnecessary spending and buy the medication cheaper, obviously, online purchase is the best solution. You won’t be able to buy the drug without a valid prescription at your local drugstores even if your doctor orally confirms that you need to use the medication for more than one month.

Is it legal to buy a prescription medication online without one?

It is a question that bothers a lot of first-time buyers of medications online. The thing is that you cannot purchase a prescription medication on the territory of the U.S. without rx, but when you opt for an online pharmacy situated in the country where the drug is sold over-the-counter, you technically buy it in that country. As for the receiving the parcel, you may encounter certain difficulties if customs authorities decide to check namely your parcel and will ask you to show what’s inside but such cases are very rare. Moreover, officially, you can import prescription medicines for personal use in the amount sufficient for 3 months of intake. Besides that, our online drugstore offers such shipping types that do not imply any thorough control by customs service. We also label the parcels with pills we ship as nutritive supplements or otherwise if applied to avoid any unwanted questioning.

Are the drugs you buy online identical to the ones sold at your local pharmacies?

This is another question that new customers of online drugstores have. The answer is yes and no. The medications sold at online pharmacies are known as generics. Such drugs are made using the same formula and substances as the brand-name drugs sold in the U.S. However, these medications are marketed under different names and are made by different manufacturers. Obviously, all of them undergo testing for the compliance with the drugs they claim to be identical to but some drug makers still manage to do inferior drugs. To avoid it, you should make Provigil online buy only from reliable sellers who check the reputation of the drugs they plan to offer their clients before they make assortment replenishment.

How should generic medications be used?

Since when you want to buy the medication online you are most likely make a purchase of generic medication, you may wonder whether the manner or intake, dosages, and treatment course lengths will be the same as of the brand-name drugs. This is where you need to be attentive. For example, if you need to take Provigil not in a single intake of 200 mg pill in the morning but in two intakes – 100 mg in the morning and another 100 mg pill at dinnertime, you should double check the dosage of the active substance per pill when you make an order.

If you have a recommendation from your doctor on the daily dosage and treatment course length, follow it with the generic medication you purchase when you make Provigil online buy. If you don’t have a recommendation, make sure to check if the drug is not contraindicated for you and then follow the instruction coming with the medication.


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