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Oct 25 / 2016

Provigil against Sleep

Provigil Against Sleep Provigil Against Sleep

Drug Description:

Provigil is a medication which is known to change brain chemicals, which are responsible for sleep and wake cycles. It affects neurotransmitters and this way struggles with excessive sleepiness during daytime. It is one of the most popular drugs, prescribed these days for treating such medical sleep problem as narcolepsy. Those who buy Provigil online, in most cases face this condition. Of course, some people who order the medication may suffer from other health problems, which also may cause too much sleep during daytime. Provigil is a great help in such moments as it doesn’t only help you staying awake, but improves the quality of life.

When Provigil is prescribed?

Generic Provigil is considered to be an oral medication which is indicated for treating excessive sleepiness during daytime, which is the result of such medical conditions as shift work sleep disorder, narcolepsy and OSA. It alleviates the symptoms and enhances the levels of particular brain neurotransmitters. Due to this, it‘s totally different from other stimulants, used for the same purpose. 

Before Taking Provigil

It’s very significant talking to your doctor before you order Provigil online to start treatment with the medication. He will determine if the drug is safe and beneficial for your particular health condition. Certainly tell him about the following:
- Liver problems
- kidney problems
- heart problems
- a recent heart attack
- alcohol or drug addiction  

If you are currently taking any hypertension medications tell him as well.

Provigil & Pregnancy

It’s very significant telling the doctor of being pregnant. If you are a breast-feeding mom, it’s also worth to mentioning. It’s not good indicating it for pregnant women as it can lead to some negative side effects. If you are taking the medicine and find out about being pregnant, it’s better stop taking the medication. The same is recommended for women who breast-feed because there is a great chance that the medication will pass into their breast milk, which can negatively influence on the fetus.

How to take Provigil?

You should stick to all your doctor’s indications while taking Generic Provigil. Never change the dose which was indicated for your particular health condition. It’s better taking it in the very morning in order to stay awake, energetic and brisk during the whole day. If you see no benefits while taking the drug, contact your physician. The drug may even affect your thinking, somehow locomotor activities and reactions. That’s why you should be really very cautious, when driving a car or performing some other activities, which require from you much attention and alertness. You can do this only, when know exactly how the medication affects your organism.

Side Effects

Provigil can be tolerated quite well, that’s why it doesn’t have many side effects. Even in the rarest cases all those adverse effects appear to be very mild. For example you can face:
- Nausea
- Troubles with sleeping
- Nervousness
- Headaches
- Dry mouth
- Diarrhea
- Agitation
- Dizziness 

If you follow all your doctor’s recommendation and suggestions, always read a Medication Guide, each time you refill a bottle, you are not likely getting all above mentioned side effects.


As any other drug, Provigil may also interact with other, medications. That’s why it’s better not combining it with other medicines you are taking at the current moment. In any case, you should talk with your doctor. 


You should pay much attention while getting treatment with the medication. It’s not suggested changing a dose, which was indicated by your doctor. This may result in overdose and undesirable consequences or side effects. If you overdose the medication, you may face nausea, diarrhea, and sleep troubles, some agitation, high excitement and a little bit of confusion. Provigil is known to be a strong stimulant medication which improves alertness and wakefulness in patients who face excessive daytime sleepiness, which is the result o a number of sleeping disorders. Nowadays it’s considered to be the best stimulant, which may be used with such a purpose.


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