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Oct 12 / 2016

Order Provigil pills cheap in the U.S.

Order Provigil pills cheap in the U.S. Order Provigil pills cheap in the U.S.

Neurological disorders that make people suffer from unbearable daytime sleepiness are not rare. Unfortunately, they are rarely timely diagnosed. It doesn’t mean that they become terminal when diagnosed later in life but undiagnosed and untreated conditions can cause a lot of discomfort for people who suffer from them. For example, narcolepsy, a disorder characterized by the brain’s inability to correctly regulate sleep-wake cycles is commonly misdiagnosed as depression. In the developed countries, from 20 to 40 people per 100, 000 are affected yet only a quarter gets a proper diagnosis.

The disorder commonly starts to manifests during teenage years. Parents may consider that excessive sleepiness of their child is caused by the laziness and the fact that they go to bed late at night. In fact, people with narcolepsy cannot control the episodes of sleepiness and cannot stay awake during them. They simply collapse but from the side it looks like they are sleeping. The disorder can be very dangerous when an undiagnosed and untreated individual obtains a driver license or starts working with large equipment that can injure the affected individual or his or her coworkers.

The diagnosis of the disease is based on the study of the family health history. 10% of all people with narcolepsy have a history of the disorder running in their family. Further, if after a patient’s survey a doctor cannot be sure that it is narcolepsy the special tests should be made to register brain waves during sleepiness episodes. Then, if the diagnosis is confirmed, you will most likely get a renewable prescription for Provigil or other Modafinil-based pills.  At this point, you can order Provigil pills cheap in the U.S. from a foreign online pharmacy to save on the treatment and forget about monthly visits to your doctor for a refill.

Who else can order Provigil pills cheap in the U.S.?

Considering that Provigil is sold without a prescription in the countries the majority of online pharmacies are situated in, technically, anyone can buy pills from them. Nevertheless, we would advise to undergo a comprehensive checkup if you suffer from excessive sleepiness and find out whether the drug is safe for you meaning that you don’t have any contraindications for its use. If it is suitable for you, you can order Provigil pills cheap from our online drugstore and start taking them by 100 mg a day in the morning if you don’t have a neurological condition that makes you sleepy or 200 mg if you have narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea or shift work sleep disorder.

What does the drug do?

Unfortunately, the medication cannot cure narcolepsy and restore the normal brain regulation of sleep-wake cycles. It can only provide a temporary wakefulness-promoting effect through the stimulation of certain parts of the brain and release of substances responsible for wakefulness and concentration. Once you stop taking the pills, the sleepiness bouts will resume.
Worth noting that even if you have to take the pills daily all your life, you should not be scared that you will harm your body or develop dependence. Provigil and its generics had been thoroughly tested and the results show that the medications have a very low addiction potential and do not cause any accumulated harm to the body when used for a long time. Though if you buy the drug as a cognitive function enhancer, you may get emotionally attached to the cheerfulness and productivity associated with the drug intake and may do not want to stop using the pills even if you don’t longer need them.


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