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Oct 16 / 2016

Number one anti-narcoleptic - Modalert 200mg

Number One Anti-Narcoleptic - Modalert 200mg Number One Anti-Narcoleptic - Modalert 200mg

General characteristics

Generic Modalert is a special medication applied for stimulating the state of wakefulness in patients with narcolepsy which is a renowned disease that is able to cause abrupt attacks of sleep and unreasonable deprivation of muscle control while playing, working or even driving. This drug pertains to the team of appointed «wise drugs» as it exerts influence on human brain, changes memory abilities and makes the brain work much more effectively. Today this «tablet for brain» has become a students' helper and is widely used by students during sessions and other hot periods of studying.

This useful analeptic  was evolved and elaborated in France by a famous company «Lafont Laboratories» and interacts with more than 500 other drugs. This medication is unanimously acquiesced to become the number one preparation for successful attainment of one's goals due to noteworthy capabilities to stay cheerful for day and night which are granted by the well-known medicine. Currently, this medication is certified to be a well-tolerated agent, being manufactured in India and propagated in Europe and the USA. In addition to its suitable features the drug owns a number of other names such as Vigia, Vigicer, Resotyl, Aspendos, Modiodal, Carim, Modiwake, Provake, Modasomil, Alertec and others.

How should it be taken?

The best advice concerning the use of Modalert is to observe the prescription in advance. The dose must coincide with that of the instruction and not be taken in other amounts without previous consultation. Another significant factor in taking this medication is that it has been recognized a non-addictive element. Doubtless, one should never share this drug with somebody else.  

Accordingly, the medicine is unambiguously suggested to be taken in the morning before the start of the day with or without food. Furthermore, this drug possesses two dosage forms known as tablets of 100mg and 200mg. Evidently, the first dose should be started at minimum degree and step by step patients can increase it from 100mg to 400mg. At the same time, in case of a skipped dose one should not take another dose to make up a missed one. When the drug is being overdosed there appears an immediate solution to seek emergency medical attention. Besides, it is compulsory to refuse from any sort of drinking alcohol during the time of taking the medication.


One must not take the medicine if any kind of allergy or skin reaction is being present. It could also be said that patients who sustain problems with kidneys, liver and heart should also abstain from the use of this medication.

Side effects

By the term «side effects» we mean unpleasant adverse reactions that take place after using this medicine. Therefore to common side effects linked to the drug belong: skin rash, swelling of certain parts of the body, urine problems, anxiety, depression, chest pain, aggression, headache and runny nose. Although, these adverse effects might not develop one should not forget to call for medical advice in case some of them show themselves.

Appropriate storage 

This medication is strongly advised to keep in a dark closed place, with room temperate away from children and pets.

Use by pregnant women and children

There is a statement that pregnant women are disallowed to take such medicines in order to avoid the risk of an impact on the fetus. The use of the drug is allowed only when the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus. Nursing women also belong to the group of potential risk when taking this medication.  As a consequence, children are forbidden to take this drug too.  Generic Modalert has become an outstanding preparation abroad and among neighbouring countries. There is always a possibility to purchase this drug  in an online pharmacy.


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