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Oct 22 / 2016

Modavigil treats severe disorders

Modavigil Treats Severe Disorders Modavigil Treats Severe Disorders

Basic information

Generic Modavigil has been accepted as a perfect way to improve one's physical and mental endurance. Initially, this medication was produced as treatment for narcolepsy which is a severe disorder that makes people fall asleep at any time of the day even while working. This drug is a completely distinctive product which influences on the definite parts of the brain that control the processes of sleeping and being awake. Undoubtedly, this medicine was not generated in order to let people forget about sleeping for some time or even not sleep at all.

That is to say that it was produced to control these processes. To a certain extent, this preparation is widely used not only by patients suffering from narcolepsy but also by students, soldiers and simply those who wish to gain control over sleep and tiredness. Mainly, students take it while passing sessions and soldiers tend to use it during trainings and special operations. According to recent studies this drug helps them stay vigorous and active up to 40 hours. In this way it obtains the best evaluations so this indicates that the drug successfully handles with its job. Besides, the medication has been proved to be safe and non-addictive. From the above, it follows that this medicine shows itself in raising one's ability to focalize and concentrate. 


It is important to remember that patients should acquaint themselves with the instruction before taking this medication. Subsequently, one must strictly follow this instruction while using this preparation in order to get as many benefits as possible from it and avoid suffering from sudden appearance of so-called adverse reactions which may come into being after its using. It is a well-known fact that Modavigil is presented in one dosage form or tablet containing 100 mg of the preparation.

The normal adult dose of this medicine is determined by specific purposes and peculiarities of each person. In general, the recommended daily dose is 200 mg namely two tablets but it can be increased up to 400 mg or four tablets. Chiefly, this drug should be taken early in the morning before work with or without food. It is strongly advised not to take more than 400 mg of the preparation during one day because of the possible occurrence of overdose.

However, if such accidents take place one must immediately seek for doctor's help because it may have a negative effect on health. Without a doubt it is severely prohibited to drink alcohol while using this drug. At the same time it is flatly suggested not to give the medication to somebody else even if that person suffers from the same problems as you.

Possible contraindications

One should not take this medication in case of having some problems with health including allergies to this preparation, liver and kidney problems, high blood pressure and other heart diseases. Patients must not forget that before taking this drug along with another preparation, they have to consult a specialist.

The correct storing

It must be underlined that this medicine should be stored in a dark, shut area with no immediate heating, sun and dampness at the room temperature that is about 25°C far away from children and pets.

Side effects

 It is generally accepted that so-called side effects are considered to be adverse reactions which tend to take place after taking certain drugs. Therefore, this glorified medication may also lead to sudden appearance of definite side reactions, for example sickness, loss of appetite, headache, runny nose, irritability, vertigo, backache, stomachache, uneasiness and dry mouth. One must not forget that in case of having at least one side reaction from the above list it is definitely recommended to seek for immediate medical help. 

Its use by specific groups of people

Pregnant women
Notwithstanding excellent evaluations concerning this preparation, it has been certified that the drug is categorically banned to be taken during pregnancy. In fact, it has been explained by having a possible negative influence on an unborn baby. On the positive side, this medication is allowed for using only in cases when the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus.

Nursing women
As a matter of fact breastfeeding has been also acknowledged the state incompatible with the use of this popular medication. This has been expounded by the fact that it may penetrate into the breast milk and in that way do harm to the baby.

At the same time, the preparation is contraindicated to being used in younger patients because of possible risks to exert influence on their health status.

Where one can buy the drug?

Generic Modavigil is available for ordering and purchasing in that type of safe websites better known as online pharmacies. They are famous for approachability and quality of products.


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