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Oct 26 / 2016

Modapro for sleep disorders

Modapro For Sleep Disorders Modapro For Sleep Disorders

Modapro is believed to be one of the most popular contemporary drugs, used for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness, caused by a number of sleeping disorders. The generic name of the medicine is Provigil, so you can easily buy Modapro online under such brand name as well.  In past many people used various stimulants in order to struggle with daytime sleep. A little bit later, they began using this medication, because it had fewer and milder side effects, compared to those stimulants which were used before. The best what you can do is ordering Modapro and keeping it always at hand.


Generic Modapro is a drug, used for promoting the feeling of wakefulness in individuals, who faced excessive sleepiness during daytime wakefulness. It’s used for treating different medical conditions which also lead to excessive sleep. Narcolepsy is one of the most popular among those neurological disorders. This medical condition may have a lot of adverse effects on your sleep pattern, which can easily result in drowsiness during a day and some other symptoms.

One should always remember that the medicine won’t cure your disorder totally, it will only eliminate its symptoms and help you staying awake and alert during the whole working day.  Sleep apnea is one more medical condition which makes your airways to be obstructed while having sleep. It also leads to drowsiness during daytime. Modapro will help alleviating your symptoms, but remember that additional treatment is often required in such a case.  Shift work disorder is a sleep condition, which happens when you face different working shifts that can change very often.

The drug will help you dealing with excessive sleep which is caused by this health problem.  Except these uses, the medication has a number of additional prescriptions, not mentioned in the Medication Guide, but so common in the practical use of many patients. It’s sometimes prescribed for reducing weight and eliminating weakness or chronic fatigue. Many athletes use it for improving their stamina and even macrobiotic level. It can also help with depression and many attention deficit disorders. 

It was also revealed that Modapro is good for:
- schizophrenia
- Parkinson’s disease
- fibromyalgia
- multiple sclerosis
- cerebral palsy  

Besides, the medicine is extremely popular among military circles. It’s given for many troops which face situations where they have lack of sleep. It provides them with great safety and efficiency.

Talking To Your Doctor

Nowadays it’s possible to order Modapro online without any additional problems and prescriptions. But still it’s very important discussing the use of this analeptic drug with your doctor, before you start Modapro treatment. Some of your health conditions from which you suffered or experience at the current moment can influence on the drug treatment. In accordance, the drug can also affect all those conditions. 

Tell your doctor about:
- heart valve disorders
- kidney disease
- angina
- liver disease
- heart muscle disorders  

If you were drug addict or experienced any heart attacks, certainly tell this to your doctor as well. Don’t forget mentioning if you have had any allergies to Armodafinil or Provigil or some other ingredients, present in the medication. 

You should immediately contact your doctor, when notice:
- rash
- itching
- hives
- wheezing
- shortness of breath
- coughing
- swollen lips
- swollen face
- swollen throat or tongue  

Discuss with your physician all those medicines you are currently taking, including prescription and non-prescription, different vitamins, natural supplements. Make sure that Modapro will be best for you, in spite of having different health problems. You should also be aware that its combination with other medications won’t harm you. 


It’s not yet clear whether how the drug influences on a pregnant woman and her fetus. Generally, it’s not advised prescribing Provigil for pregnant women, until the doctor is sure that the benefits outweigh all possible risks. The medication can quite harmful for the health of an unborn baby. Besides, it can even pass into the milk of a breastfeeding mom, though there are still no concrete details concerning this moment. 

How to get Best Results?

Follow all your doctor’s recommendations to get the best results with the drug. It’s not suggested changing the dose by yourself. Do not stop taking the drug without your doctor’s permission. Modapro is quite a strong drug, which has long lasting effects. It’s not good taking it in the afternoon or later because you may have some problems with sleep. The best way is taking it in the morning. It’s better not driving a car and be engaged in some other activities, which require from you much attention. If you are going to pass any medical tests, certainly tell the medical workers about taking Provigil, as it can change some test results. It’s recommended consuming less tea, coffee, cola and chocolate during the treatment with the medication. If you drink coffee it can easily lead to tremor, the feeling of nervousness and even tachycardia. There should be much caution, when Provigil is indicated for elderly people. Due to the age, they may experience a bigger number of side effects. It’s not allowed giving the drug for children younger than 17 years.

Side effects

The most common mild effects are the following:
- morning headache
- constant dizziness
- morning nausea
- diarrhea
- mouth dryness
- nervousness
- agitation

 Be very attentive with any possible rashes appearing on your skin while getting the treatment with Modapro. Of course, it rarely leads to some severe rashes, which may require hospitalization, but still caution should be done. 

In case of overdosing, call your doctor. 
Overdose symptoms:
- nausea
- sleep troubles
- agitation
- confusion
- the feeling of excitement
- diarrhea
In spite of all these side effects, Modapro is known to be the leading medication, used to struggle with excessive sleepiness during daytime.

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