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Sep 28 / 2016

Modafinil Important Information

Modafinil Important Information Modafinil Important Information

Generic Modafinil is a popular medication, used for reducing the feeling of sleepiness, connected with narcolepsy. The drug is able increasing alertness by enhancing dopamine levels in your brain. Dopamine is known to be a brain chemical, which promotes wakefulness. 

Usually, a Modafinil tablet would improve your alertness for about 8 hours, so many find it really very convenient taking in the morning. Some may notice that the effects start to wear off during the early afternoon, so they may choose taking a half of a dosage in the morning and the second half after having lunch.

In comparison with other wakefulness-promoting agents, Generic Modafinil has the smallest amount of side effects. Of course, it may cause nausea, headaches and rarely insomnia. Sometimes, not often, it may produce some more serious side effects, which require instant medical attention. You should also know that taking Modafinil makes the effects of birth control pills not so effective. So, if you were prescribed this medication, you’d better try some other methods of controlling unexpected pregnancy.

Why the Drug is Prescribed?

Modafinil is used for the treatment of excessive sleepiness in adults, which is caused by such medical condition as narcolepsy. Narcolepsy usually results in too much sleep during daytime. The medication is also used for treating sleepiness, caused by shift work sleep disorder. SWSD is a medical condition, when a person experiences sleepiness while having a working schedule. He or she finds it difficult staying awake all the time during the work shift. This mostly relates to people, who work at nights or have rotating working shifts.

Modafinil 200 mg can be simultaneously used with a breathing device or some other treatment methods to prevent sleepiness, which was a result of (OSA) obstructive sleep apnea. It’s a disorder in which a person stops breathing or does it very shallowly while sleeping, so he doesn’t obtain enough rest during a night.

How Should I Use Modafinil?

Before you buy Modafinil, you should learn all the detailed information about its usage. The medication comes in the form of a tablet, which should be taken by a mouth. It is taken 1 time per day with or without any food. If you suffer from narcolepsy or, maybe, OSAHS, you’d better taking the drug in the very morning. If you have problems with shift work sleep disorder, you should take it 1 hour before your working shift starts. The drug should be taken at the same time each day during the period of treatment. You should never change this time, until discuss this moment with your doctor. If your work shift begins at different time each day, tell the doctor about this. Always follow all those directions, written on the prescription label. If you do not understand something, ask the pharmacist to explain you it. Modafinil must be taken exactly as it was directed by the doctor.

Remember that Modafinil is a habit-forming medication, so be always careful with it. Do not increase the dose; take that amount, which the doctor prescribed. Additionally, never prolong the period of treatment by yourself. Do not take it longer than it was directed. 

You should understand that Modafinil will help you decreasing sleepiness, but it won’t cure your sleep problems. Keep to healthy advice concerning proper sleep. Discuss the moment of your sleeping schedule with the doctor. Except treating the 3 above mentioned medical conditions, Modafinil can be used in some other cases. If you are interested in this, ask your pharmacist about this.


Before you order Modafinil and start taking it, you should know the following information. Mention your doctor about this:

- you have any allergy to the drug or ingredients, which are present in it
- you are currently taking other medicines, including vitamins, herbal or nutritional supplements
- you drink alcohol, or have ever drunken large amount of it
- you have ever used drugs or maybe overused various prescription medicines, including stimulants
- you have suffered from chest pain, various heart problems, high blood pressure, mania, psychosis or kidney problems
- you are taking birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Modafinil may reduce their effectiveness, so you should discuss this moment with a doctor and choose some other methods for birth control
- you are pregnant or have plans to become a mom in the nearest future, tell you doctor about this
- you are currently having some surgery, even dental, mention it to the doctor as well

During the treatment with the drug, you should understand that it may affect your thinking and judgment abilities, so try not driving a car or performing some other dangerous activities. Once you understand the drug effects on your organism, you can easily do it.  

Overdose Symptoms

If you overdose the drug, you may experience below mentioned side-effects:

- agitation
- nervousness
- nausea
- diarrhea
- hallucinations
- problems with falling asleep 

What Should I Know More About Modafinil?

During Modafinil 200 mg treatment period, you should visit your doctor regularly and do not miss the appointments. No one else should take your drug. Try keeping it away from any people at your home. Store it a locked box, access to which have only you.  Selling or giving the medicine to someone else is considered to be illegal. If you have any questions concerning the bottle refilling, ask the pharmacist about it. Try keeping the list of all the drugs you are currently taking or have recently taken. You can show it to the doctor and he may decide about the right prescription of Modafinil. Each time you add a new item on the list, bring it to the doctor while visiting a hospital. 

Modafinil Against Fatigue

If you suffer from sever fatigue, your doctor may think prescribing you Modafinil. It’s an off-label usage of the drug. Modafinil may also be prescribed for treating depression, sedation and even Parkinson’s disease.  


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