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Oct 18 / 2016

Lose weight with Modalert

Lose Weight With Modalert Lose Weight With Modalert

Modalert: a new stimulant drug

Recently Lafon Laboratories, which are situated in France, developed a new stimulant drug, which at once became quite popular. What is this medication used for? Generally, the main users of this product are people, who suffer from different diseases, connected with sleep disorders. The most widespread diseases are:
- narcolepsy (serious disease, it involves unreasonable attacks of sleep and is usually uncontrolled; this disease requires an immediate treatment);
- unreasonable sleepiness (the main function of this medication is the stimulation of human’s wakefulness);
- fatigue, excessive tiredness (they are usually caused by spending too much time at work or study; using this product gives an opportunity to work and study better).

Except of treatment these diseases, this product was created to treat some unusual and quite difficult illnesses like severe depression, attention disorders and even Alzheimer's disease! This product belongs to the evgeroics. It’s a special group of medications, which are used to enchance focus.

Interesting experiment among sportsmen

Very often scientists compare this product with amphetamines. Both of them are stimulant medications, but Generic Modalert doesn’t cause an addiction syndrome. This is the main and the most important advantage, which makes using this product safe enough. Recently US scientists decided to make an experiment, connected with usage of this product.

The main idea of this test was to find out, how much using of this medication influences on athletes’ health. Fifteen sportsmen took part in this experiment. Some of them received an optimal dose of Generic Modalert, others – placebo three hours before exercises. After three hours all participants start working on the bicycle ergo meter to complete exhaustion. The results of this test were impressive: those participants, who used Generic Modalert, could work in about 25-30% longer, than those, who used placebo. 

An optimal dose for both women and men is from 100 to 400 mg. This product should be taken in advance (two or three hours before the beginning of the competition or championship). Generally this product can be taken by sportsmen of all kinds of sport, but its action is really effective where endurance is required (this product gives you more energy and power, as a result, you can work longer and more effectively). For example, in weightlifting, where athlete should repeat short explosive exercises many times in a row.


In many countries this medication is officially approved to treat different sleep disorders. In some markets this drug is known as «Zombie». It’s very popular among people, who work a lot, especially at night, students, who spend nights, preparing for the exams. Even military fighters dream about this product, which could allow them to spend days without sleep and to keep all abilities (physical and mental). Nowadays you can easily buy Modalert at the drugstore or order Generic Modalert online.

Using this stimulant causes… weight loss!

Recent researches of US scientists showed the unbelievable results: taking this product affects the appetite and causes weight loss. According to the information from the database of Medline consumers of this drug started to lose weight. Interesting fact: the bigger dose they use, the much weight they loss. The results of the experiment, which was made in 2008, showed that:
- people, who used the dose of 200 mg, had a decrease of about 18% in caloric intake;
- people, who used the dose of 400 mg, had a decrease of about 38% in caloric intake.

During the treatment, there is a reducing of the appetite. This effect is similar to the amphetamines’ one, but it doesn’t cause the increase of the pulse frequency. In the Annals of Clinical Psychiatry was published a quite interesting article. The subject of this article was dedicated to the man, who lost 18 kg, using this medication during the year. In the beginning this man was with a weight of 127 kg, but then he started to take this product to treat his sleep disorder, and in a year he realized that he lost a couple of extra kilograms and his weight decreased to 109 kg.

After the publication of this article US scientists started to conduct experiments and studies dedicated to the connection between using of this medication, decrease of appetite and loss of weight. Nowadays this product is officially approved as an excellent stimulant, which helps in treatment of different diseases, connected with sleep disorders, and weight loss. In some cases using of this product is highly recommended. To make using this drug safe and more effective, before the beginning of the treatment consult with your pharmacist.


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