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Oct 03 / 2016

Interesting facts about Generic Modafinil

Interesting Facts About Generic Modafinil Interesting Facts About Generic Modafinil

What is it?

Modafinil is a drug. It's looked like a small tablet, taking by mouth one a day, and used to stimulate wakefulness. When is it usually used? Excessive sleepiness is the main aim for which this product is used.  You can use Generic Modafinil 200 mg if you have next symptoms or diseases:

- sleep disorder caused by spending too much time at work
- narcolepsy
- sleep apnea

Sometimes this product is used to treat other illnesses and sicknesses, which are not mentioned in the medication guide. But be careful: don’t use this product, if you are not sure in it. It would be better to ask doctor’s advice. Self-treatment is not a good idea.

What should you know about Modafinil?

The main problems, which Modafinil can cause, are skin rash and allergic reaction.  Immediately stop taking this drug and go to the hospital or call a doctor if you have:

- fever
- mouth sores
- peeling or blisters
- hives
- yellowing of your eyes or skin
- trouble breathing
- urine of dark colour
- swelling in face

These symptoms can cause severe diseases, which need an instant professional treatment.  
Attention! Modafinil isn’t approved for people who are younger than 17 y.o.

How should you take this drug?

Below you can read some advice and recommendations about right taking of Modafinil:

- don’t take it longer or shorter than recommended
- it is habit-forming
- don’t sell it or share with others: it is forbidden by law
- it is taken in the morning or before the work to avoid sleepiness
- it is taken with or without food (it is not important)
- don’t use Modafinil longer than twelve weeks (it's dangerous for your health)
- always follow doctor’s instructions 

What to do if you miss a dose?

First of all, ask your doctor’s advice about what to do in this situation. Secondly, don’t take an extra dose to make up the misses one. 

Side effects

They are:

- xerostomia
- nausea
- headache
- anorexia

Don’t take this product if:

- using it can develop a rash
- you have an allergic reaction to any ingredients in this drug
- you have problems with your heart

According to your history of diseases and other individual health features doctor should give you an instruction how to use this product.

Where can you buy Generic Modafinil?

The easiest and cheapiest way to buy this product is to order Generic Modafinil online. There are many different online shops which are providing Generic Modafinil 200 mg. Besides, in online shops this medication costs cheaper than in simple drugstore. 

Interesting information and facts about Modafinil

Modafinil is a famous “smart drug”, which improve performance of people during working on long and difficult tasks. This drug has a special effect, which helps to enhance planning and decision-making skills. This product is also known as Provigil. It was approved by the “Food and Drug Administration”. This product was made to treat people, suffering from  narcolepsy. The majority of students use this product to prepare for their exams.

The recent researches show that using of this medication improves our thinking and ability to remember large amounts of information. This discovery was made in 2014. At a later date the scientists found out that this drug improved so called “executive function”, an ability to learn only important information and work with it. It also helps people to pay attention to the details, which are difficult to learn.  All this information was given by the lecturer of University of Oxford in England Ruairidh Battleday.


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