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Oct 26 / 2016

Important information about Modapro

Important Information About Modapro Important Information About Modapro

Modapro is a popular medication, used for eliminating the feeling of sleepiness, connected with narcolepsy and some other sleeping disorders. The drug is able enhancing alertness by increasing dopamine levels in a human’s brain. Dopamine is believed to be a brain chemical, able promoting wakefulness during daytime.  Approximately, one tablet of the drug would improve your alertness for a period of 8 hours. That’s why many people find it really very convenient taking Modapro in the very morning.

Some say that the effects start wearing off during the early afternoon, so they only take half of a prescribed dosage in the morning and the second later in the afternoon. In comparison with other medications, which promote the feeling of wakefulness, Generic Modapro has the smallest amount of adverse effects. Of course, it may lead to nausea and morning headaches. Sometimes it may produce more serious side effects, which may require instant medical help.

You should also know that taking the medication influences on the effects of birth control pills, making them less effective, so there is a big chance of getting pregnant. So, if you were indicated Modapro, you’d better try some other methods of avoiding unexpected pregnancy. The medication is usually used for treating excessive sleepiness in adults, which is the result of a number of sleep medical diagnoses. Narcolepsy usually leads to much sleep during daytime. The drug is also used for treating sleepiness, which was caused by shift work sleep disorder. SWSD is a medical diagnosis, when a person experiences too much sleep during his working schedule.

He or she finds it really difficult staying awake during all his work shift. This mostly has relation to people, who are working at nights or may have rotating working shifts. Modapro can be at the same time used with a breathing device or any other treatment methods in order to prevent sleepiness, caused by (OSA) obstructive sleep apnea. It’s a sleeping problem, when a person stops breathing or does it really very shallowly during his sleep, so he doesn’t get enough rest during a night.

How to Use?

Before you buy Modapro online, you should certainly learn all possible details and information about how to use it. The medicine comes in a form of a tablet. It is usually taken by mouth 1 time per day with or without any food. If you have narcolepsy or OSAHS, you’d better take the drug in the very morning to stay awake during the whole further day. If you suffer from work sleep disorder, you are recommended to take it 1 hour before your shift starts. Modapro should be taken at the same time every day during the whole treatment.

You’d better not change this time, until talk to your doctor. If your work shift starts at different time every day, certainly tell him about this. Always follow all his directions concerning medication use. If you do not understand something, ask your pharmacist to explain it. Modapro must be taken exactly as it was indicated by the doctor. Remember that the medication is a habit-forming, so be always careful with it. Do not enhance the dose; take only that amount, prescribed by your doctor.

Additionally, never decide prolonging the period of treatment by yourself. Do not take more time than it was indicated.  You should also understand that Modapro will help you reducing sleepiness, but it will never cure all your sleep problems. You should always keep to all healthy recommendations concerning proper sleep. Discuss this moment with the doctor. Except treating all above mentioned medical diagnoses. Provigil can be used in many other cases.  


Before you order Provigil online and start taking it, you should certainly know the following details. 

Tell your doctor about this:
- you have any allergy to the medication or any other ingredients, present in it
- you are currently taking other drugs, which may include vitamins, herbal or any possible nutritional supplements
- you like drinking alcohol - you have once overused some drugs, including stimulants
- you have experienced chest pain and various heart problems, high blood pressure, mania, psychosis
- you are taking birth control pills in order to prevent an unexpected pregnancy.
- Modafinil may decrease their effectiveness, so you should discuss the issue with the doctor and choose some other methods for birth control
- you are pregnant or, maybe, planning to become a mother in the nearest time
- you are currently undergoing the surgery, even dental

During the treatment with the medication, you should also understand that it may affect your thinking and even judgment abilities, so it’s not recommended driving a car or performing any other dangerous activities. Once you understand the medication effects on your organism, you can easily do it.

Overdose Symptoms

In case of overdosing the medicine, you may have:
- nervousness
- morning nausea
- diarrhea
- difficulties with falling asleep

What Should I Know More About Modapro?

During Modapro treatment period, you should visit the doctor regularly and do not miss all his appointments. You should also remember that no one else should ever take your drug. Try keeping and storing it away from any other people at your home. Store it a locked box, to which only you have access.  Selling or giving the drug to someone else is considered to be against law.

If you have any questions about the bottle refilling, ask your pharmacist about it. Try always keeping the list of all possible drugs you are taking at the current moment. You can easily show it to the doctor each time you visit him and he may decide about the right prescription and dose of Provigil. Each time you add a new drug on the list, bring it to your doctor while visiting him in the hospital. 

Modapro & Fatigue

If you are experiencing severe fatigue, your doctor may think about prescribing you Modapro. Of course, it’s an off-label use of the medication, but it’s extremely effective. Modapro may also be indicated for treating depression, Parkinson’s disease and even sedation.


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