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Oct 13 / 2016

Generic Provigil online purchase - tips

Generic Provigil online purchase - tips Generic Provigil online purchase - tips

Each year more and more people consider buying prescription medications online because online drugstores sell the same drugs as the regular ones much cheaper. Another factor that attracts customers from the U.S. is that they do not have to renew their prescriptions to buy medications online. Online pharmacies turn out to be amazing time and money savers. Nevertheless, many people are still indecisive. In this article we are going to debunk myths related to online purchase of medications as well as share with you useful tips on how to make a beneficial Generic Provigil online purchase.

Legal aspect of buying medications online

If you buy any medication from your local online pharmacy, you do not have to think about the customs service checking the parcel with your pills. But you should not be looking for the domestic online pharmacies as they will ask you to show them your prescription, which is one of the factors that turn you out off to regular U.S. drugstores. Besides that, even operating online, such drugstores do not lower the prices for the drugs they sell.

If you want to save and buy a prescription medication you need without a prescription, you need to go for a foreign online pharmacy. As for the legal aspect of prescription drugs import in the country, the American law is pretty foggy. But we can reassure you that millions of Americans monthly purchase prescription pills online and no one gets fined or goes to jail for illegally importing these drugs. Customs are simply unable to control such volumes of parcels with pills and even if they could, there is no chance that they would be able to jail all of the people who receive prescription drugs by mail and don’t have prescriptions for them. So do not worry and make Generic Provigil online purchase without any doubts but do not order too many pills not to raise suspicion of the custom service who can think that you are importing controlled drugs in order to resell them. In this case, you may encounter problems with the law. So how much pills can you order per parcel? For your convenience, there is a semi-official rule that says you can import prescription medications for personal use in the amount sufficient for 3 months of uninterrupted therapy.

Why are these drugs sold without prescriptions?

This is another factor that can make first time buyers of prescription drugs online alerted while the thing is that all countries have different laws on different medications. If Provigil is sold with a prescription only in the U.S. it doesn’t mean that it cannot be sold without it in other countries. The majority of online pharmacies purposely choose the countries where these drugs are sold without prescriptions to operate their business from there.

What are generics?

You have probably noticed that the majority of online drugstores sell generic medications instead or along brand-name drugs. The thing is that generics are cheaper. Though even brand-name drugs are cheaper in other even highly developed countries such as Canada, they are still more expensive than other identical drugs referred as to generics.

Generic medications are identical medications, with the same composition, effect, and safety as brand-name drugs that share the same formula and active substance. “Generic” is a term used to help people find the medicines they need easier if they are in another country or buy the drug from another country on the Internet.

When you opt for Generic Provigil online purchase you technically buy the same drug but manufactured by another pharmaceutical company. Obviously, all generics have their own registered names which you will see on the package of pills you receive.

Why generics are cheaper?

Generics are started to be manufactured either when the exclusive patent of the drug developer expires or if the developer is obliged by the law to share the formula with other pharmaceutical companies. These companies, in their turn, do not invest in research and are aimed to allow broader population, who have lower income, have the access to the most advanced essential medications.


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