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Oct 11 / 2016

Generic Provigil online purchase advantages

Generic Provigil online purchase advantages Generic Provigil online purchase advantages

Being an anti narcoleptic medicine, Provigil and its generics have become highly popular as so-called “smart drugs”. The reason for that is that the medications show amazing cognitive function enhancing effects even in healthy individuals. Taking a 100 mg pill a day, you can get rid of sleepiness, stay focused, vigorous, productive, and even motivated throughout the day. Unfortunately, in the U.S., the medication is sold only with a prescription. While for some people it is not a problem to pay for monthly visits to their doctors to get prescriptions, some cannot afford it. Moreover, the U.S., FDA approves prescriptions of the medication only for three conditions which are narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea. Obviously, if you want to buy and use the drug as a cognitive function enhancer, you cannot get a prescription from your doctor. Fortunately, in other countries the situation is different. There you can simply go to the nearby drugstore and buy Generic Provigil over-the-counter. What does this have to do with you? Though, you do not reside in a country where the drug can be bought so easily you can opt for Generic Provigil online purchase. But you have to follow some basic rules in order to benefit from the purchase the most.

Tips on Generic Provigil online purchase

1. Neglect the U.S.-based pharmacies as they set the same prices for the medications as your local drugstores and will request a prescription in order to sell you the drug. Instead, look for the pharmacies situated abroad and before ordering, check their policy on prescription medications and shipping to your place.

2. Once you have found the pharmacy you want to buy the drug from, make sure that it has a good reputation among buyers. You can do so looking for the feedback given by the customers on the pharmacy’s website as well as in unbiased online communities.

3. Compare the prices among foreign online pharmacies. You may be attracted by the lowest price but make sure not to settle for scammers. For example, if you have found a pharmacy that offers you Generic Provigil online purchase at a price much lower than its competitors, asks for payment in advance, and doesn’t have any positive reviews, it may be a warning sign that the seller is a scammer. Nevertheless, sometimes our online pharmacy can set extremely low prices in comparison with other drugstores because we sign exclusive contracts with the drug manufacturers and you can check our reputation based on the customer’s reviews of our services left on our website and third party websites.

4. Choose the right generic. Sometimes you can find a variety of drugs under a different name in a single group of medications. The trick to find the right drug is to know its active substance. If you look for Generic Provigil online purchase, you should verify if the active substance of the drug you plan to order corresponds with the active substance of Provigil which should be Modafinil. If you cannot see this information on the product page contact customer support managers of the pharmacy.

5. Always check dosage per pill and expiry date. If you want to use Generic Provigil as a cognitive function enhancer, you may need a lower daily dosage than people with neurological disorders who use the drug. For example, they need to take 200 mg pill a day while for you a 100 mg pill will be enough. As for the expiry date, it isn’t commonly shown on the product page but you may want to know it if you order pills for a couple of months ahead. This information should be also available if you contact customer support of the online pharmacy.


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