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Oct 19 / 2016

Generic Provigil improves wakefulness

Generic Provigil Improves Wakefulness Generic Provigil Improves Wakefulness

Provigil is known to be one of the most popular prescription medicines, able improving wakefulness in grown up people, who experience sleepiness during the whole day and have one of these diagnoses: narcolepsy, SWSD and OSA. The medication is used for treating excessive sleepiness, but not that obstruction, which is known to be a common cause for OSA. Provigil shouldn’t take place of all those drugs, your doctor prescribed for treating OSA. It is vital to continue using all those treatments, prescribed by the doctor.

When you order Provigil online, you should also remember that the medication won’t cure your current sleep disorder. It will only help dealing with the sleepiness, which was caused by this very condition. No matter how long you are taking it, it won’t stop your sleepiness. You should understand that the drug doesn’t take place of regular and normal sleeping habits and routine. The medication is considered to be a federally controlled substance, as it can be easily abused or result in dependence. It’s better keeping the medicine in quite a safe place, away from other people at home, especially children and those, who had a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

Important Safety Information

When you buy Provigil online, you should know it’s able causing some side effects. Among them are rash, blisters, swollen face, tongue, peels, sore mouth, yellow eyes, dark urine etc. If you have any of these symptoms, you’d better stop taking the medication and contact your doctor. Taking Provigil is not approved for little children, no matter what kind of medical condition they have. It’s unknown whether the medication is safe for those, who are less than 17 years.  If you have any rash or allergy to modafinil or armodafinil, you are not recommended taking Provigil. 

Before you start the therapy with the drug, tell you doctor about this:
- mental health problems
- psychosis
- heart problems
- recent heart attack
- high blood pressure
- kidney problems
- liver problems
- drug or alcohol abuse history
- you are pregnant or plan to become a mom
- you are breastfeeding

You should also tell him about all possible medications, you are currently taking:
- Prescription medicines
- Over-the-counter medications
- Herbal supplements
- Vitamins

If you are taking birth control pills, you should know that Generic Provigil may eliminate their effects, so you’d better discuss this issue with the doctor and decide about some other ways of birth control. If you omit this moment, you are at high risks of getting pregnant. You may even get pregnant even 1 month after you stop taking the drug.

What To Avoid?

During the treatment with Provigil, it’s recommended not driving or performing some other dangerous activities until you find out how exactly Provigil influences your organism and reactions. You should also avoid drinking alcohol. It’s still unknown whether drinking alcohol would affect you or not. If you are suffering from a sleeping disorder, you should be really very careful while doing many things, which require from you being alert and brisk all the time. Do not change any of your daily habits while taking the medication, until you talk with the doctor. 

How To Take?

You should take the medication in the way and amount your doctor prescribed. He would certainly prescribe a dose, which is right only for you and your particular medical case. Changing the dose by yourself is not recommended, until you discuss the issue with the doctor. He would also tell you the best exact time, when you should take the drug. If you suffer from narcolepsy or OSA, you would be suggested taking Provigil 1 time per day in the very morning. If you have SWSD, you’d better taking it 1 hour before your work shift starts. Changing the timing of your dose is not recommended, unless you talk with the doctor. If you take the medication in the evening, you’ll certainly find it difficult falling asleep. The medication can be taken with or without any meal. If you overdose, it’s better contacting the doctor.

Overdose Symptoms:
- Troubles with sleeping
- Restlessness
- Excitement
- Hallucinations
- Chest pain  
- Confusion  
- High blood pressure  
- Diarrhea  
- Nausea  
- Disorientation

Pregnant Registry 

There is a registry for women, who got pregnant while undergoing treatment with Provigil. The aim of the registry is collecting all possible information about safety of the drug in pregnant women.  If you find out of being pregnant, it’s better contacting the registry as soon as possible. 

Possible Side Effects

As any other drug, Provigil may also have some side effects. The most common are:
- anxiety
- depression
- aggressive behavior
- nausea
- headache
- nervousness
- dizziness

Provigil is not recommended for children. According to the studies, they may have the following side effects:
- hostile behavior
- low white blood count
- painful periods
- sudden muscle tone loss
- Tourette’s syndrome

How To Store?

The medication should be stored at room temperature – from 20° to 25° C. It’s also important keeping it out of reach of other people at home, especially children.

General Information

Sometimes the medication is indicated for some other aims, not listed here. Do not use the medication for a condition it wasn’t prescribed by your doctor. Giving Provigil to other people, even though, they have the similar symptoms is not recommended. It may not only harm them, but be against the law. 

Smart Drug

Provigil is also known to be a smart drug. Many successful people sue it in order to constantly focused and concentrated. For many it’s a real secret weapon on their road to great career. Some users say that are able completing 2 full workouts, before they go to work without being tired – and everything is due to Provigil. The medication is extremely popular among the programmers, who work long hours without any stop. It helps them focusing and processing the information flow easier. They also report about clear thinking while working in front of a computer.


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