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Sep 06 / 2016

Generic Provigil article

Generic Provigil 200 mg is a psychostimulant of a new generation. This drug was derived from a substance called Adrafinil, developed in 1970 by the french Lafont Laboratoriez. At present time, generic Provigil is widely used instead of branded one. It is much cheaper and you can find it in the online pharmacy. Nevertheless, Provigil also elevates the level of histamine in gipatalamuse. That is why some researchers believe Provigil to be a "wakefulness remedy" rather than a classic amphetamine. However, in opposition to the histaminergic action of Provigil, it often relates to the amphetamine group of stimulants due to its effect on norepinephrine levels and dopamine. The U.S. FDA classified Provigil as the most effective remedy to combat narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is a disease of the nervous system related to hypersomnia. It is characterized by , cataplexy attacks, bouts of irresistible daytime sleepiness, sudden sleep attacks, sleep disorders, sudden loss of muscle tone with clear consciousness, appearance of hypnagogic (while falling asleep) and hypnopompic (upon awakening) hallucinations. In some cases, patients can experience inability to move arms and legs immediately after waking up (a short-term body paralysis). Besides narcolepsy generic Provigil is also effectively used during treatment of attention deficit disorder, against depression and multiple sclerosis. Sometimes, the preparation is also used as an extra remedy in the treatment with antidepressants.

The medication enters the group of nootropics. Nootropics or neurometabolic stimulators are agents that make a straight activating effect on perception of information, elevate memory and mental activity, as well as increase brain resistance to aggressive impact.

The term "nootropic " first emerged in 1972 to declare the influence on sensitive-cognitive sphere of effects of piracetam Provigil. It elevates the release of monoamines, particularly, norepinephrine, catecholamines and dopamine from the synaptic terminals.

Military departments of some countries plan to replace traditional amphetamine for Provigil due to its more efficient and beneficial effects on the human body. Provigil has been successfully used by astronauts, military and emergency services staff in several European countries. The World Anti-Doping Agency added Provigil to the list of forbidden drugs in sport and declared Provigil as doping agent because of its ability to significantly increase the endurance and effects similar to the action of amphetamine and also due to increase in the number of athletes implicated in the use of Provigil in the international competitions.

In this regard, generic Provigil quickly began to gain popularity among the drivers, programmers, amateur athletes, shift workers.

Provigil helps a lot of people in situations where they want to be in the best shape and great tone to use their full potential to achieve their goals. It is a powerful stimulant that improves memory, sharpness of intellect and other parameters of mental activity. It effectively relieves fatigue and restores cognitive function. Provigil is one of the best means to stimulate mental activity, reduce the need for sleep and treat depression. Very important positive aspect is the absence of such side effects as addiction, excitement and reduced sense of responsibility.

Typically, the prescribed dose is 200 mg once daily (rarely, from 100 to 400 mg a day in one or two steps). Generic Provigil is generally taken in a single dose mornings or in two doses in the morning and in the afternoon. As a rule, it is not advised to take Provigil after noon, as Provigil has a long half-life and its excretion from the body can take up to 15 hours, and its reception in the afternoon carries the risk of sleep disorders.

The drug is often used in the treatment of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, myotonic dystrophy, spastic cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease. In recent years Provigil is often used as a highly effective means for the reduction of appetite and weight reduction. Studies have shown that the use of Provigil leads to the decreases of appetite on 38 %, which in turn leads to a rapid weight reduction.

Today, scientists are considering the use of Provigil in the treatment of cocaine dependence, primary biliary cirrhosis and bipolar disorder. There are facts of inappropriate use and abuse of Provigil by students in the UK and France, the club's youth and workers of the entertainment industry. This fact has led to bitter disputes about the safety of Provigil and its legal status except the U.S. where the drug is a controlled substance and is included in the list of drugs under number 4. Generic Provigil is completely legal in all countries of the world.


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