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Oct 20 / 2016

Generic Nuvigil stimulates wakefulness

Generic Nuvigil Stimulates Wakefulness

What is this product?

You work or study hard day by day without weekends or time for rest and have problems caused by excessive tiredness or sleepiness. This is not good for your health and you need some help. You need to have enough energy to work effectively but where could you get it? Nowadays there are many medications and products which treat these problems and diseases like sleep apnea or narcolepsy.

One of the most popular and widespread drugs, which stimulates human’s wakefulness, is Nuvigil. What is this product? This medication helps you to stay active and wakeful and helps your brain to work and remember difficult information better. Using this medication will help you to overcome excessive tiredness or sleepiness and will give you more energy to work better.

Many people use this product for purposes not mentioned in the medication guide. But be careful! Self-treatment may harm your health and can be dangerous for your life. So before start taking this product, it would be better to consult with your pharmacist.  This product is similar to the medication Modafinil, but Nuvigil is more powerful and effective.

Caution! Avoid taking this medication if you had problems with taking Modafinil (product very similar to Nuvigil) in the past! Consult with your pharmacist about this question.

If people, who suffer from next diseases, take this product, they will have big problems with their health.  The list of these diseases includes:
- mental illness;
- high/low blood pressure;
- alcohol/drug addiction;
- heart disease/disorder/attack.

Attention! If after taking this medication you have any allergic reactions, immediately call the ambulance or your doctor. Don’t waste time! Consequences may be quite serious and you may need a hospitalization.

Severe signs and allergic reactions, which need an immediate medical intervention:
- peeling/blistering;
- skin rush of purple/red colour;
- swelling in the tongue/face;
- mouth sores;
- fever.

Attention! It’s recommended not to take this product if you’re pregnant or you’re planning it in the near future. Be careful to save your health and the health of your future child.
Precaution! Avoid drinking alcohol during the treatment. It can be dangerous for you!
Attention! Nuvigil is forbidden for people who are younger than 17 y.o. Sharing, sale this product isn’t approved by law.

How to take this medication correctly?

The dose and the time of using this medication should be recommended by your pharmacist. To do it correctly he should know all information about your health, history of diseases and need. It’s a packaging of tablets each of it you should take in oral way in the morning or before the start of the working day (especially if you work at night). The longest period of taking this drug is 12 weeks.

Attention! Try not to miss dose and not to overdose. If this suddenly happens, immediately call the doctor. 

In any other cases and situations it would be better to consult with your pharmacist. Follow your doctor’s prescription for better result of treating and also in order not to harm your health and save your life.

Which are the side effects after using this product?

Of course as any other medications this one has some side effects. They are:
- insomnia or any other sleep problems;
- swelling of the throat/face/tongue/lips;
- nausea;
- difficulty breathing;
- headache;
- hives;
- dizziness.

Ask your pharmacist’s advice to avoid these problems. 

Where could you buy this medication?

There are two ways to buy Generic Nuvigil:
1. Go to the nearest drugstore.
2. Order Generic Nuvigil online. The last one is much easier and more convenient, because, firstly, you sit at home/work and don’t need to leave it and waste much time to buy Generic Nuvigil online, as a result, you save your time, secondly, you pay less, because medications in the drugstore are more expensive than the drugs, what you order online.

Interesting facts and information about this product

1. Nuvigil is sold in the USA and Europe, but it’s produced in India.
2. It’s a «smart drug», known as «Armodafinil».
3. Due to last researches this medication can be used for treating jet lag and schizophrenia.


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