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Oct 08 / 2016

Generic Modavigil versus Narcolepsy

Generic Modavigil Versus Narcolepsy Generic Modavigil Versus Narcolepsy

First signs of narcolepsy usually appear in the childhood, but many people, who have sleep-related problems, do not know about them even for years. The main symptoms of such a disease are excessive sleepiness, hallucinations, partial or total loss of muscle control. At the present time, there is, unfortunately, no proper cure for narcolepsy. But some medications, such as Generic Modavigil, for example, are able to improve symptoms, and patients can live normal, productive and happy lives. 

What is Modavigil?

In general, Modavigil is a nootropic medication which increases wakefulness. It is famous because it can keep people energetic, awake, active and concentrated for a long period of time. Recent studies have briefly demonstrated how it works, but nobody still knows it for sure. They say the drug affects chemicals in the brain which are responsible for cognitive processes, thus people can stay focused over a long time of tense mental activity. Moreover, patients affirm that it does not cause addiction like other powerful stimulants do. That is why it is not surprising that so many people are not afraid of using it on their daily basis. 

How often can one take Modavigil? 

Following your doctor’s instruction or that, given in the medication guide, is very important if you want to get desired results. Each tablet of Generic Modavigil often contains 100 or 200 mg of Modafinil, its main component. The advised dosage for patients with narcolepsy is often 200 mg once a day. It always takes 60-90 minutes for your body to respond to the tablet, and its effects may last 10-15 hours. It means that you would better take the tablet immediately upon awakening in order to be energetic, active and productive throughout the day. If taken later, this medication product can cause insomnia or disrupt your circadian rhythm. 

How can I get the Drug?

Modavigil is a drug, mostly sold in Australia and New Zealand. But nowadays it is really very easy to buy Modavigil online without any doctor’s prescriptions. There are a lot of reliable nootropic shops (mainly based in India) which offer different variations of Modafinil (Modavigil is one of them) for relatively low cost. You can order Generic Modavigil online and get it in several days. If you lack the time or do not want to wait for a prescription, this way will be the most convenient to you.

Does it really help?

Aria, 33 I was told to use Modavigil 3 years ago to treat excessive sleepiness. As my doctor had written me a prescription, I didn’t have problems buying it in the nearest drugstore. After a week of using it, I saw the first results. I could be energetic and work without distractions for several hours! Fortunately, I didn’t experience any side effects, so my doctor let me use it from time to time if it is necessary. Almost two years ago I started to order Generic Modavigil online because this way is very convenient for me.

Josh, 22 I was diagnosed with sleep paralysis when I was 18. Modavigil was the first drug I decided to buy to treat my disease. I was afraid of becoming addicted, so spent many hours on forums and websites deciding whether to buy it or not. I made a decision to buy Generic Modavigil online. The results were obvious in several days. But it was not enough, and I decided to increase my dosage. It did not take long before I understood I had made a mistake. Headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea are not a complete list. 2 or 3 days later I came back to the beginning dosage, and everything returned to normal and I felt great again. So, my conclusion is that it is better to consult your medical specialist, read the medical guide thoroughly before taking Modavigil in order to have desired results.


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