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Sep 06 / 2016

Generic Modafinil article

This article will help you to find out how to be alert and active for 24 hours. There are some preparations that help people to be successful in many spheres of their life, because they can do a lot more than other people. You will have more possibilities and will not depend on the whims of your body. You should get rid of restrictions and you will enjoy the unexplained incredible accomplishments and personal achievements. Basically, the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness in narcolepsy implements during the application of stimulants, such as, for example, a new stimulant with excellent pharmacological mechanism called Modafinil. This preparation is one of the best means to stimulate mental activity, reduce the need for sleep and depression treatment. Very important positive aspect is the lack of side effects such as: addictiveness, excitement and reduction of a sense of responsibility.

Generic Modafinil 200 mg helps the patient to get the highest level of concentration and focus for more than a normal day's activities. It helps to control everything around, keeps you in a state of high energy during the day and more. You will experience incredible confidence from the fact that you can really control the situation, then when others fall down from exhaustion. Modafinil is generally used in a single daily dose. Switching from amphetamines to Modafinil may cause cataplexy. Increase of the dose usually solves this problem.
Modafinil helps a lot of people in situations where you want to be in the best shape tone to use their full potential to achieve their aims. It effectively relieves fatigue and restores cognitive function. It also helps during the tedious sports training. This drug is able to increase physical endurance and reduce fatigue in the body. There is a number of cases where athletes have become used to incriminate Modafinil at international competitions. Currently, Modafinil is included in the World Anti-Doping Agency list of drugs that athletes will not be able to use both when preparing for a competition, during the training process, and directly during tournaments. It is a powerful stimulant that improves memory, sharpness of intellect and other parameters of mental activity

People practicing polyphasic sleep can use Modafinil in order to get a clear timetable for the controlled sleep. This is due to strictly regulated time of its actions (depending on dosage). Harmlessness and pharmacodynamics of Modafinil have been characterized in several studies conducted outside the United States. During these studies, Modafinil in amounts of up to 4,500 mg have been ingested without causing considerable clinical side effects. The studies did not show any statistically or clinically significant hemodynamic changes in blood pressure or heart rate in patients or healthy volunteers, which have been administered doses of tested Modafinil.

Modafinil is not a general CNS stimulant like amphetamines. It is still unknown how it works. This drug has a very low risk for mental side effects and high blood pressure, because it works differently than the classic stimulants. It does not have a significant effect on the nervous system and does not cause dependence, mood changes or euphoria. In addition, Modafinil does not become ineffective during prolonged use. Headache and nausea are the most common side effects of Modafinil. The symptoms are usually temporary and mild. These side effects can be reduced by slow growth from a low initial dose to a desired dose.

Modafinil is used in many armies of the world, in the Air Force and the U.S. regular army, the secret services and rapid response units, military intelligence, as the drug enhances attention and performance of pilots, soldiers and operatives combat units. Soldiers previously used Dexedrine. This drug is from the amphetamine group that showed significant side effects, such as anger, nervousness, tremor, a sense of powerlessness. Trained fighters said that Modafinil allowed them to stay for 40 hours without sleep, and kept the ability to act effectively and take decisions. Modafinil has been successfully tested during the military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Condition of patients with narcolepsy can be significantly improved, but a full recovery of such patients is not possible. Treatment should be held considering individual features of the patient, based on symptoms and therapeutic response. The time required to achieve optimal control of symptoms varies greatly and may take several months or longer. The complete control of symptoms is achieved very rarely. It is very important to change the patient's lifestyle despite the fact that the drugs taken orally are the basis of a formal treatment of narcolepsy.


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