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Oct 19 / 2016

Generic Modafinil and narcolepsy

Generic Modafinil And Narcolepsy Generic Modafinil And Narcolepsy

Modafinil is known to be one of the most popular wakefulness promoting medications these days. It’s also available under several brand names, such as Modafinil, Modalert, and Modapro etc. It was approved by FDA for treating a number of sleeping disorders, such as narcolepsy, OSA and SWSD.  It helps generating a strong feeling of focus and alertness, at the same time keeping you awake all the time. In the recent times Generic Modafinil has become known as nootropic agent. It’s also often called a “smart drug”, as it can enhance mental abilities and increase focus and concentration during the whole day. Students are one of the first, who use this drug for improving their mental performance during the period of exams. 

This is known to be an off-label use of the medication, but it has appeared to be extremely effective in a number of cases. Those, who work long hours without any stop or have night work shifts are very satisfied with the drug’s effects. Those, who require much time being alert and focused will certainly benefit from Modafinil. Originally, it was approved for treating narcolepsy and later for work shift sleep disorder and too much sleepiness, which was caused by insomnia. 

How Does It Work?

There are so many theories, which are eager explaining an exact mechanism how Modafinil work, but, telling the truth, its influence on a human’s organism is still unknown. Fortunately, it’s clear that the medication stimulates the central nervous system, in the same way as close to amphetamines drugs. In comparison with all those drugs, Modafinil will not cause jitteriness. They can also lead to high blood pressure and very quick heart rate. When you buy Modafinil online, you should know that it won’t produce all above mentioned side effects.

The users, who have already tried the medication report about its great ability eliminating the feeling of tiredness. So, even if you do not sleep for a long time, taking Modafinil will still help you staying awake and brisk all the time. Moreover, it’s able sharpening the focus and improves concentration, which allows you working on a project without getting tired and exhausted. Additionally, nothing would distract you. Many users tell that information flow has become better with the drug. All of these effects tell that Modafinil is a perfect medication for everyone, who faced similar problems.

What About Modafinil Side Effects?

The medication has undergone a lot of clinical studies, before it was approved by FDA for the treatment of narcolepsy and other sleeping disorders. Additionally, the medication has been used for decades already, so all of its side effects are already known. 

The most common side effects are:
- headache
- nausea
- rhinitis
- vomiting

This is all based on available clinical studies. According to the majority of users, these side effects are mild and often disappear with the first hours, when taking the medication. Moreover, Modafinil doesn’t have withdrawal symptoms, which attract people very much. You would also not experience any rebound effect during the treatment. All this makes the medicine a perfect choice for occasional usage. At the same time, some patients reported about suppressed creativity while taking the medicine. It seems Modafinil is more effective, when you have a clear list of what you should do, rather than making up or discovering something. 

Modafinil Dose

Before you order Modafinil online, you should learn all possible information about its right dosage. The medication is sold in 200 mg pills. Some users may even find that the dosage of 100 mg is enough for them to obtain desired effects. You may also start from a dose of 100 mg and increase gradually, if necessary. A dose more than 200 mg is not recommended, as it wouldn’t bring a better effect. In fact, the medication should be taken only once per day, so you’ll be able sleeping normally then.

When To Take?

Timing is really very important, when it comes to the treatment with Modafinil. If you take a dose of 200 mg, it would approximately last 12 hours, having 1 or 2 hours of come down. A dose of 100 will last 8 hours. As the medication eliminates the feeling of tiredness, you’ll find it difficult getting asleep – sometimes it would be impossible. So, taking the drug in the early morning is the best way to avoid this. At least, try taking the drug 12 hours before getting asleep.

Modafinil History

A history of the medication is quite long. It was developed by one chemist from France in 70s. In 80 it was refined and tested. In 90s it became an available prescription medication in France. Since that time it has become popular all over the world. Nowadays you can find the drug under several brand names. Moreover, there are so many generic versions of the medication, which are quite cheaper and easier to get. Since that time, the medication has become very popular for its wonderful off-label usages, which appeared from the community practice. It is commonly used by the militaries in many countries. It’s extremely popular among workers and students all over the world. In all these cases, the medication appeared to be safe and effective.

What Brand To Buy?

There are so many brands of Modafinil these days. For example, if to take the USA – it’s Provigil. The most common generic formulations of the medication are Modalert and Modavigil. Even though, they differ in names and prices, the effects they produce are similar with Modafinil. 

Should I Try The Drug?

Should you try the medication or not – it depends on your personal state of health and circumstances. Do you have a job, where you work for a long time without a stop and feel extremely tired? Is your schedule is irregular? Do you find it difficult preparing for the exams?  Do you need to be highly attentive while performing tasks at your work? Do you have rotating shifts? If you have any of these problems, you may try taking Modafinil and benefit from it. Before starting the therapy, it’s better discussing the issue with your doctor.


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