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Oct 10 / 2016

Famous nootropic drug - Modalert 200mg

Famous Nootropic Drug - Modalert 200mg Famous Nootropic Drug - Modalert 200mg

Genaral Information

Modalert is a medication generally adopted to cure those patients who suffer from a serious disease known as narcolepsy. This drug is also endorsed for treating shift work sleep disorder and is a member of a famous class of drugs named Nootropics or in other words «clever drugs». It is a universal and international product that is capable to influence on definite parts of human brains and overcome the desire to sleep. A number of studies have shown that another advantage of Generic Modalert is that it may be called a non-addictive medication that is approved to save one's clear thinking when there is a need to stay awake.

This drug is widely used by military forces of several countries in order to enhance the efficiency and attention of soldiers. The medicine allows them to stay vigorous and work effectively for a long period of time. This medication is a stimulant that perfects one's memory abilities, watchfulness as well as cognitive power. That is why it is claimed to be a completely practical variant for those who need a period of full wakefulness during the day. The medication is proved to be in interaction with about 500 another drugs. This drug was evolved in 1970 by an outstanding professor, Michael Jouvet in France. It is also famous for having several brand names such as Provake, Modapro, Aspendos, Stravigive, Modiodal, Resotyl, Modasomil, Carim and Provigil. 

How to take this drug

As usual, the peculiarities of the correct use of this medication may be easily found in the instruction to the medication. The brief acquaintance with the instruction helps to take it properly and avoid sudden appearance of adverse reactions better known as side effects. It is important to remember that this drug has two dosage forms, namely 100mg and 200mg. According to the instruction the recommended dose of Modalert is 200mg a day although there can be some special events that may require a bigger dose.

This drug should be taken in the morning usually before the beginning of the working day. In spite of everything there is a demand to start using this medicine at the minimum dose. Notwithstanding the ability of this drug to be completely safe it is very important not to take more than 4 tablets of Modalert during a day in order to save oneself from the emergence of unpleasant consequences. In general, under the term «unpleasant consequences» researchers usually mean cases of overdose. The effects of overdose may include increased heart pressure and increased heart rate which may need a seek for medical help.


This medicine is not advised for those who are allergic to this preparation and for those who have problems with heart, liver and kidneys. Storage Generic Modalert must be kept in a closed, dark place at the room temperature far away from children and pets.

Side effects

Even though such notion as a side effect does not occur very often but there are occasions when patients suffer from an adverse reaction connected with the use of this drug. Therefore among the most common side effects we may found: diarrhea, dizziness, problems with stomach, skin rashes and cases of nervousness. 

Use by pregnant women and children

The reasons to determine the interdiction on the use of this medication by pregnant women consists in the fact that almost all drugs have the ability to influence on a fetus. However there is only one case when pregnant women are permitted to take Modalert, it is when when the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus. Nursing women are also prohibited to take this medicine because of the ability of this drug to be present in milk.

Everyone knows that pediatric patients are not permitted to take this medication too. Online pharmasies have improved the relation of buyers to the quality and quantity of buying online. It became much more easier and available. Therefore, the preparation known as Generic Modalert may be easily purchased in the online pharmacy.


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