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Oct 05 / 2016

Cognition enhancer - Generic Provigil

Cognition Enhancer - Generic Provigil Cognition Enhancer - Generic Provigil

Cognition enhancers

British weekly The Economist assures that we should get ready for the appearance of drugs which can improve our memory, learning and concentration. Such drugs are called cognition enhancers which mean that they stimulate cognitive abilities. They work usually by changing the ratio of chemicals which are called neurotransmitters, so they influence on the activity of our nervous system, which is responsible for such mental operations and processes as concentration, perception, learning, memory, language skills, planning and decision making. One of the most popular medication of such kind is generic Provigil.  

Scientists consider that in the next few decades there will be will certainly a large number of similar drugs that affect the brain. Sir Gabriel Horn, a scientist from the University of Cambridge undertook a study in which he showed that scientists work on more than 600 drugs for disorders of the nervous system. As history teaches us, most of these medications do not pass through registration cordons, but taken into consideration their large number, a large proportion of it will probably be approved by the relevant authorities.

And while none of the companies working on the cognitive activity of stimulants, which are intended for the treatment of diseases does not intend to license them for general use, in fact, the masses will certainly use them. At least, it can be assumed, watching the growth of "unauthorized" use of existing drugs – for example, Provigil, by people who just want to cheer up their brain. 

Generic Provigil really improves the cognitive abilities of healthy people

For instance, thanks to Provigil a person can keep in his short-term memory on a single number or item more (most people can hold seven random digits in the memory, but it is a problem to memorize the 8th number). People, who take this drug, also perform better results in planning. As a result, due to the positive impact of the Provigil on normal people, such sorts of medicines are increasingly used to fight fatigue, help those who work shift nights, enhancing mental activity during the examinations and the relief of the consequences of prolonged air travel.

To buy Provigil is quite easy, the product is sold in the usual drugstores as well as online.  Earlier this year, Nature, one of the world's leading scientific journals, conducted an informal survey of its readers, most of whom are academics. Every 5th respondent reported that took Provigil or other beta-blockers (drugs that can suppress alarm) for reasons not related to the medical condition. The respondents used the drugs to stimulate focus, concentration or memory.

Most of the surveyed bought such drugs on the Internet. Taking into consideration these survey results, as well as the likely emergence of many new products of this kind, many scientists, including the authors of the report believe that the use of stimulants of cognitive abilities will increase significantly.

Interesting facts

Company Cortex Pharmaceuticals from Irvine, California develops medications based on ampakines. One of developed drugs now is undergoing clinical trials as a cure for Alzheimer's disease in the elderly. Early experiments have shown that the drug may increase the rate of reaction in humans. Unlike caffeine, amphetamine and other stimulants this drug does not increase blood pressure or heart rate. It does not cause ecstasy, and therefore is unlikely to cause addiction.

Paradoxically, the other amplifier of glutamic acid - D-cycloserine – is now being tested for the ability not to stimulate memorizing but to erase memories.  Thus, developments of drugs may soon become a very profitable business. Notwithstanding that the drugs are designed to treat diseases it would be difficult to prevent their use by healthy people. Actually, there is no need for this whether these medications do not harm the health of human or do not have negative side effects. If so, these drugs like Provigil just will have a very positive side effect on the incomes of the manufacturers.


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