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Nov 01 / 2016

Cheap Modavigil purchase – is a reality

Cheap Modavigil purchase – is a reality Cheap Modavigil purchase – is a reality

Modern wakefulness-promoting medicines that were initially designed to help people with narcolepsy not to fall asleep during the day are an amazing replacement for caffeine-containing drinks and pills. The medications based on Modafinil and Armodafinil have similar positive wakefulness-promoting effects as cocaine and amphetamines but lack the negative aspects of these illegal drugs. It is amazing how providing such potent cognitive function enhancing effects they do not cause addiction development and any permanent or even temporary damage to the brain. Unfortunately, in the U.S. the drugs are controlled substances because the FDA considers even the lowest chance of addiction development harmful. It means that if you want to buy the medications and do not have a disorder for which the drugs are approved for, you will be unable to get a prescription from your doctor. It may seem absurd because the tests show that the dependence potential of the medications is lower than of caffeine. But the FDA doesn’t want to consider these scientific facts.

Luckily, not in all countries the government imposes such rigid rules on the distribution of medicines such as Modavigil. Moreover, if you look for a cheap Modavigil purchase, you should definitely look for foreign pharmacies too even if you do have a prescription for the medication. The drugs sold as Modavigil online are its generic versions which are no way inferior to the brand-name medication but are priced several times cheaper.

Is the medication safe for off-label use?

The medication is absolutely safe for people who are not allergic to its active substance, have healthy liver and kidney and do not have a history of substance abuse. It should be cautiously used, though, in pregnant women and elderly patients because it can cause excessive excitability which is harmful during pregnancy and for people over 70. Besides that, the Modafinil-based medications have never shown any tendency to harming patient’s health even if taken on a permanent basis and in doses that greatly exceed the daily norm.

During the tests of Modafinil in 1994 when the drug was first announced and tested, the researchers have been giving volunteers the daily dosage 200 times exceeding the recommended daily dosage of 200 mg and haven’t noticed any serious side effects occurrence or any harm to the vital organs and systems of the body. The only noticeable side effects are reported to be insomnia and a headache.

We in no case recommend you to take such huge dosages but simply provide you with the facts that are publicly available and you can check them by yourself to be sure that the medicine is indeed properly tested and harmless. You can find such studies online looking for Cephalon’s (the developer of the original active substance) clinical trial results for Modafinil before you go for cheap Modavigil purchase online.

It doesn’t matter whether the drug is used by a person who suffers from narcolepsy, doesn’t get enough night sleep due to obstructive sleep apnea or is sleepy because of trouble sleeping caused by stress, it won’t cause any harm to the body. It is surprising that the FDA doesn’t approve it for more conditions as a lot of people would benefit from this decision. If your doctor refuses to give you a prescription, ask him why. Is the answer is that you don’t have a condition for which the medicine is designed but no contraindications for its use, you can make cheap Modavigil purchase online without any doubts and fears and use it by 100 mg a day or increase the dosage to the standard 250 mg a day if a reduced off-label dosage isn’t enough for you.


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