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Oct 26 / 2016

Buy Modafinil cheap – find out the tips

Buy Modafinil cheap – find out the tips Buy Modafinil cheap – find out the tips

Both people who have a prescription from their doctors for Modafinil and those who want to enjoy the smart drug effect off-label can benefit from buying the medication online. Our online drugstore offers a significantly lower price for the medication used all over the world as a cognitive function enhancer and wakefulness-promoting agent in a number of neurological conditions. The drug with a brand name Modafinil is sold under a variety of names in different countries. So in order to buy Modafinil cheap you have to look for its generic version. You may wonder whether the drugs sold under other names are less effective or safe. First of all, let’s figure out what is exactly a generic version of any medication.

How is generic drug different from a brand-name medication?

Today generics make 85% of all drugs sold and used all over the world. Obviously, people do not want to overpay for the brand names so they opt for the cheaper versions of the drug. Luckily, they can enjoy the same effect and level of safety as with the brand-name drugs. How is this possible? The answer is simple. All medications in order to be allowed into the market need to undergo clinical trials. The facilities they are made at also get analyzed and inspected in order for them to correspond with the international safety standards. So why are generics cheaper than?

First of all, generic drug manufacturers do not develop the original formula for the medication they plan to manufacture. They either wait till the exclusive patent of the brand-name drug manufacturer expires or are granted the right to make their drugs even when the patent is still valid if the medicine is considered essential. As for Modafinil, the exclusive patent has already expired. The brand-name drug manufacturer tried to extend the patent but the extension was denied. Therefore, numerous companies from different countries are able to offer you to buy Modafinil cheap providing the same medication simply named differently at a greatly lower price.

Such companies are also able to lower the production cost locating their facilities in the countries with lower taxes and cheaper labor force. They do not invest in advertising and rewarding systems for doctors who prescribe namely their drugs. Commonly, they cannot compete with the companies operating in the U.S. market as it would force them to invest millions of dollars in medicine promotion and approval. They choose to sell generics in other countries. But even if you live in the U.S., you can still purchase their medications from an online drugstore like ours situated in the country where cheaper but not less effective versions of Modafinil are sold without prescriptions.

Tips to buy Modafinil cheap online

Here are a few simple tips you have to follow to choose and buy the right drug online:

1. Look for the online drugstore situated abroad. If you want to buy the medication cheaper, you do not need American online pharmacies.

2. Always check the reputation of the seller looking for customer reviews on the product page and on other websites.

3. When you buy a generic version of the medication you need, make sure to compare the name of the active ingredient of the brand-name drug and generic. In case of Modafinil, the name should be Modafinil, Modafinilo or something similar.

4. Choose the right dosage per pill. Make sure to verify when you make an order whether you buy a 100 mg or 200 mg pill. If you need to use 100 mg a day, do not buy another dosage or you would need to divide the pill manually and can easily get it wrong.

5. Check expiry date. If you order pills for a couple of months in advance, make sure to check if the medicine you buy won’t expire within this time. If you cannot see this info on the product page, make sure to send a request to the customer support service to send you medications with sufficient shelf life.


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