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Oct 04 / 2016

All facts about Generic Modafinil

All Facts About Generic Modafinil All Facts About Generic Modafinil

About the drug

Generic Modafinil is a drug which can be used for treating sleeping and mental disorders. It is a special medication to promote wakefulness and stay awake during your working time. A lot of people experience problems with excessive daytime sleepiness, narcolepsy and shift work sleeping disorder, and this drug is created to help them. The product is being distributed in English-speaking countries and on other territories, under such brand names as Provigil, Alertec, Modavigil (however, there are a lot of other names not so widely known).

Generic form of the drug is manufactured mostly in India. Every person who experiences some difficulties with sleep can buy Generic Modafinil online. The drug can be pre-ordered from pharmacy websites. Most clients recommend to order Generic Modafinil online from Indian manufacturers, because the drugs that they produce are clearly much cheaper than brand name ones. It can be not so noticeable if you start with ordering brand name production, but clients claim that generic drugs are absolutely the same by quality. The usual sum that you can save on buying generic medication instead of brand name production is 400-500 USD.

How does this drug help?

Generic Modafinil is known throughout various countries as a drug that will solve all the personal problems connected with sleep (narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness, shift work sleeping disorder, obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome). A lot of people, especially students and workers, have disorder in their daily routine. The students can stay up late looking through their notes, then get up very early and constantly urging to fall asleep right during the class.

The workers also have to get up in the morning, and usually they have no proper time to have a rest, except weekends. So, here is the problem: these groups of people are under the risk of experiencing sleeping disorders and they are most likely to struggle staying awake. The productivity of their work will definitely get lower. These are the reasons why students and workers often turn to medical help, and Generic Modafinil is the right drug that can provide them with help. The drug’s effect can be felt at once. You will start feeling more organized, motivated and ready to cope with your work.

Where and how was it discovered?

Michel Jouvet, the French professor of experimental medicine, discovered the drug in 1986 and offered it as an experimental narcolepsy treatment. Later, after eight years of development and elaboration of the medication, it started being prescribed in France under the name Modiodal. It was in 1994. In the United States, they began prescribing it four years later, in 1998, and after another four years, the product became legal in the United Kingdom. Cephalon pharmacy that was known for manufacturing generic forms of the medication started a long litigation process in order to stop other pharmacies from producing the same generic versions and distributing them worldwide. In 2012, generic forms of the product were finally launched onto the market.

Tips on controlling your regime

Generic Modafinil 200 mg comes in a tablet from. This is a type of drug that is ought to be taken only once a day, though in some rarely occurring cases you can take it twice. Usually your timing of taking medicine depends on the illness. If it is narcolepsy or OSAHS, the doctors recommend having your pill early in the morning, right after getting up. But you should take into consideration that if the start of your work shift varies every day and your main struggle is shift work sleep disorders, you should be taking one pill right before you actually start working. It does not matter if you combine the medication with food or not, it fully depends on your choice – both options can be acceptable. 

There are some situations in which doctor’s help regarding the medicine taking questions is compulsory. For instance, changing the regular time of treatment is not recommended, as it disrupts your usual cycle of taking medication. If you feel it is unavoidable, then you should call your doctor and ask him advice about the timing. Another problem is starting your shift each day at different time; in this case you have to take professional advice as well.  You always have to remember that Generic Modafinil 200 mg is not a small dose, so it is a serious risk for your health if you overuse the drug.

Do not take more than your daily dose which was prescripted by the doctor, or misuse the timing (e.g. taking pills on the wrong time). Usually overusing can cause side effects. You can feel dizzy, experience diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, feeling anxious or nervous without any reason, sleeping problems such as insomnia, dry mouth, depressive thoughts and other troubles. The most often it happens because of overdosing the drug.

That is why you should keep track of the number of tablets – you can even try making notes in case you keep forgetting if you took that pill or not. Allergic people should not use this medication, because side effects for them can be more serious – fever, pain in chest, irregular heartbeat. If you start experiencing some of the mentioned symptoms after taking a tablet, or feel other discomfort, you should not waste your time – call the doctor immediately.

Order Generic Modafinil online: how to do it and what tips you should know

If you decided on buying generic form of Modafinil (which costs much lower than the brand name medication), then you can order the drug in online pharmacies. There are a lot of different websites all over the internet, so you have got a huge choice. However, not all the sources possess a high level of reliability. You must understand that ordering the medication at some internet pharmacies which are not so widely known is really risky, because there were a lot of complaints from clients who paid a big sum of money and did not receive their product, or got one which was in a bad state.

Sometimes the customs block the way for those medical products that they find out to be from illegal sources. This means that before ordering you have to read all the reviews about your desired product, examine internet sources that you are going to order your medication from. Another important thing is having prescription for the product in order to avoid issues.


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