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Disease that worsens the life
Let's start with the fact that narcolepsy is a very dangerous disease. Why is it so dangerous?

Consult your doctor before tacking any antinarcoleptic drug.

Human's consciousness may disconnect at the most inopportune moment that in turn can lead to very negative consequences. The recent inventions in technology, medicine and pharmacology have helped physicians to diagnose and treat this disease. Albeit, a remedy for narcolepsy has not been found, nonetheless most people with this disease can lead normal life with adequate treatment by antinarcoleptic drugs. According to the statistics one of 2,000 people suffer from narcolepsy. The disease has a huge impact on human life and even makes it unbearable. Perhaps, you did not know these facts about narcolepsy but if you are suffering from this disease, than you understand how serious this problem is.

Manifestations of narcolepsy

Main manifestations of narcolepsy are:
– Visions or hallucinations
– Weakness
– Sleep paralysis
– Sudden attacks of sleep

Bright acoustic or visions like a dream can occur during sleep and waking. They are called - waking dreams, as the patient realizes that he does not sleep, but already begins to dream. A person can hear voices, music or see flashes of light. Typically, these visions are accompanied by fear and anxiety.

During the episodes of daytime sleep, the patient can have gradual slowing of speech, than he lowers his head and loses consciousness. At the same time, patients are usually manage to take a pose for a comfortable sleep. Patients feel a surge of strength and vigor after waking. However, severe drowsiness can develop after some time.

The weakness is caused by the complete loss of muscle tone and seizures can develop so quickly that the patient can fall and get hurt. Attack duration can vary from a few seconds to several minutes, and this is followed by sleep.

Sleep paralysis is characterized by immobility after awakening, although a man is fully conscious and adequately assesses the situation, but can not move. He can retain only one opportunity to blink or just move the eyes.

Paralysis may be observed in the evening and at night but it is more usual mornings. This status can be very frightening, especially in the case of terrible hallucinations on the background of complete immobility. Paralysis attack can last from a few seconds to several minutes and ends with a gradual recovery.

As a rule, unexpected attacks of sleep and severe daytime sleepiness during the day are the first and most perceptible symptoms of narcolepsy. Patients textually fall asleep, despite the extreme reluctance of the situation or completely inappropriate time as drowsiness can be so unbearable. Such condition is very dangerous if a person performs occupations that require attention. Falling asleep during the day can repeat several times a day and can last from a few seconds to several minutes. Herewith, the patient may feel noticeably pronounced chronic fatigue syndrome in the beginning, but after a few days the distress passes and is not seen at all.

During this disease patients can feel inability to concentrate. Some patients also experience double vision, memory loss or headaches. Unfortunately, children with this disease often fall behind their peers in physical development or learning. Some people may not be able to perform daily tasks at work. It can be hard for a person with narcolepsy to stay awake during the day, as well as sleep well at night. In such cases, daytime sleepiness is enhanced by plenty of nighttime awakenings. There were cases when the patient actually dropped asleep and continued to work, but he did not remember it after waking up. Unconscious, automatic behavior is the performance of routine tasks without awareness of your actions. Such behavior can be a symptom of narcolepsy and can be dangerous, if a person performs potentially hazardous activities such as driving.

Treatment of narcolepsy

Treatment of narcolepsy involves the use of medication and psychotherapy. Treatment options depend on each individual, the severity of symptoms, diseases that the patient has, the type of work or occupation rights and treatment goals (eg, alleviation of some of the symptoms). Treatment of symptoms can last for weeks, and include a visit to the doctor, medical examination, etc. The symptoms pass quickly during the right treatment. The patient observes improvement in health and full recovery with time.

Types, amount and severity of symptoms determine which drugs should be used to treat narcolepsy. Therapy is assigned depending on the needs of the patient. For example, improvement of focus and concentration among the students and adults may be a sign of significant improvement, and it is imperative for people behind the wheel. The patient should take medication that improves concentration and memory for the treatment of daytime sleepiness.

Our online pharmacy proposes you such antinarcoleptic drugs as Modafinil, Nuvigil, Provigil, Modalert, Modapro and Modavigil. At one time, people had to use stimulants and other harmful medications that have lots of side effects. But today you can easily resolve the problem with narcolepsy using very modern and improved preparations.

How do antinarcoleptics act?

Antinarcoleptic drugs are typically used once a day. Antinarcoleptic drugs have a lower hazard of side effects such as high blood pressure and the emergence of mental complications, because they do not act as usual stimulants. Antinarcolepric drugs have no significant effect on the nervous system, do not cause changes in mood, euphoria or addiction. Moreover, this preparations continue to operate even after prolonged use. Usually, the patient can have temporary side effects, such as headache and nausea. Those negative effects may be reduced by the right use of the drugs. The patient should start with the small dose and then gradually increase it to the desired dose. This preparations have no effect on cataplexy and REM sleep.

Generic Antinarcoleptuc drug vs Brand

Interesting to know

Anti-narcoleptic medications are «smart drugs», which improve performance of people during working on long and difficult tasks. This drugs have a special effect, which helps to enhance planning and decision-making skills. The latest researches, which were made in 2014, show that using of this medications improve our thinking and ability to remember large amounts of information.

The scientists found out that Generic Modafinil improved so called «executive function», an ability to learn only important information and work with it. It also helps people to pay attention to the details, which are difficult to learn, as a result, people start working more effectively. This products were approved by the “Food and Drug Administration”.

General information about Modafinil 200 mg

- It’s a product, which is used to stimulate human’s wakefulness. It helps to overcome excessive sleepiness and tiredness.
- This product is used to treat sleep disorder caused by spending too much time at work, and difficult diseases like narcolepsy and sleep apnea.
- Sometimes this product is used to treat other illnesses and sicknesses, which are not mentioned in the medication guide. But be careful: don’t use this product, without your pharmacist’s recommendations.
- Necessarily consult with your doctor before start self-treatment. According to your history of diseases, health, way of life and need your pharmacist should give you an instruction how to use this product.

Avoid using this products if:
- you have problems with your heart
- using it can develop a rash
- you have an allergic reaction to any ingredients in this drug

News from scientific world

People, who have ever use Generic Modafinil, read the medication guide, in which next information was mentioned: «Attention! Sale, distribution and sharing with this product isn’t approved by law. This product is forbidden for people who are younger than 17 y.o.» And almost all of you agree with this statement, because using different medications to treat mental diseases by children and teens isn’t safe. In May, 2016 the New England Journal of Medicine published the research about treatment of mental health among children under 17 y.o.

This research showed the terrible statistics: during the past twenty years the number of children and teenagers from the USA, who were treated from mental diseases, was risen by more than 50%.  For the main part of people, who read it, it was a surprise, so it’s quite normal, that they started to worry about these teens. Some said that these children were overtreated with different medications and drugs.

The professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University, which is situated in New York City, Dr. Mark Olfson, and other scientists from this university supposed that the main part of these teens hadn’t got so serious symptoms, which necessarily should be treated by different antipsychotic drugs, stimulants, antidepressants and other medications. He says that almost all these children’s problems could be overcome by simple «talk therapy».

On the other hand, when some children are overtreated, other ones, who really have quite severe symptoms, are not getting this treatment at all. It’s not normal. Also he gave some statistical data for the period from 1996 to 2012, according to which: - the number of children, who were in treatment, rose from 2,7 million to 4,2 million of teens; - the number of teens from 6 to 17 y.o., who need treatment, rose from 9% to 13%.


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